Big house training problem

Posted by Jean-MacLean
Jun 11, 2012
I have a big problem with my Shih Tzh dog. She was a year old in April and is still not house trained.
I made the mistake of giving her the full run of the house when i bought her at 31/2 months. Other dogs that I have had were already housed trained as we got ones a bit older. Our last dog lived until she was 18 years old and we had no problem with her until she became sick.
I wanted a little lap dog this time ,thus we bought Jenny. She is a dear spoiled little dog and is small as she was the runt of the litter.
I tried training her with a pee pad and had some success with that until the nice weather arrived. She peed first thing in the morning and sometime during the day she would poop on her pee pad much of the time but not always.
Now when she goes out in the morning she just smells around perhaps where some other animal had been the night before but she won't pee until she comes into the house and for the last month or so she jumps up on the bed in the spare bedroom and pees there even when her pee pad is on the floor behind her. She also poops on the bed so I have stripped the bed and it will not be made up. She has always been rewarded and praised when she went in the right place.
This morning we teatherd her out side and left her there for an hour.She finally did do her job but she barked and barked. I expect the neighbors are not amused.
I am getting along in age and if this problem is solved then I have the sweetest little dog that anyone can ask for.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Jun 14, 2012
Hi Jean,

I think you need to go back to basic training with Jenny. Confine her to one small room of the house, with a pee pad in it. The laundry is usually a really good place to start, or something similar. Baby gates and closed doors are your new friend

Keep her in the small room for a few days. I know it seems mean now, since she's had full run of the house til now, but if you want her to get the picture, this is the best way (in my opinion). Jenny stays in room 1 for 2-3 days, until she's only using the pee pad or going outside. Any accident in room 1 prolongs her stay there. After you've had 2 days accident free, Jenny gets access to the next room (only ONE room at a time!) so that now she can wander in rooms 1 and 2 as she wants to. Again, leave the puppy in room 1 where its always been, so you don't confuse her. She stays here, in rooms 1 and 2 until she's accident free on and so on, until she gets the whole house back. All up, it usually takes about 2 weeks.

If she has an accident along the way, she gets bumped down a room. Say she pees in room 4, you block access to room 4 for a couple days, til she's good again without accidents, and then try room 4 a second time.

During this sort of training, you should take her out more often - every time she wakes up from a nap, after eating, after a big drink, before bed. You can help overnights by removing her water about 30 minutes before you want to take her out last thing before bed time.

Best of luck with this, but stick to it and be repetitive!
Posted by marie-audy
Oct 24, 2012
Like Jean"s dog, mine had the run of the whole house when we brought her home at 7 weeks. She had been outside with her litter as it was summer. She's the best little dog (10lbs) that I could asked for but she still pees anywhere if we don't look out for her.This summer, she used the doggy door (loose screen) but lately, even though she goes outside willingly, she sometimes come back in and pees in the kitchen now. Our house has a wide open floor plan,1750 sq feet, with doors only for the bedrooms and laundry room and she never peed on a pad as we tried that. I would need a different way of her telling us she wants to go now, when we're not looking. She goes willingly in her crate, she seems happy there most times.We will be living in a big fifth wheel for about 5 months,maybe it would be easier there,,,,Any help???
Posted by KOPCaroline
Nov 3, 2012
Hi marie-audy,

I would suggest using her crate to potty train her over again. Keep her in her crate during the day, feed her in it, etc. Let her outside about 10 minutes after meals, and a few times throughout the day, especially right before bed. You can then move her crate to a small room like the laundry, and repeat keeping her shut in the room for a couple days, only coming out to go potty. Then give her more and more room progressively.

With dogs like this, its about taking them right back to basics and re-training them from the start. STDT has useful tips for housetraining as well.