How to prevent the habit of the dog licking me?

Posted by 3eteiba
Oct 23, 2011
i know that licking of dogs resembles love to its owner but how do i prevent or like let him take permission first, then i tell him to
thank you
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 25, 2011
Fair enough if you're not a fan of excessive licking! My friend actually had this exact problem - her dog was always licking way too much! I'll tell you what she did:

when the dog starts licking, remove whatever body part he's licking/move away from him, and say "no" or "enough" at the same time. Use your stern voice. My friend then subsituted a new command, so that now, when her dog licks and gets a "no licking", he puts his paws up instead (its just a silly pose she taught him ). So I'd suggest doing the same - when your dog licks, tell him "no licking" and move away, then give him a new, special command you only use to get him to stop licking - it can be whatever you like!

Now, when my friends dog licks anyone, he does it once, and then when told no immediately does his paw pose It worked really for her, so it could be a good idea! Maybe someone else has another idea for you too