How to transition from crate; new puppy

Posted by donald-chinnici
Jun 27, 2018
Hi, Even after reading Secrets of Potty Training, I still have some questions. I have a new Sheltie puppy, ten weeks in a couple of days (picked her up at eight). The outstanding good news is that she's not messed in her crate ever, with the overnights going from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am. I've not been entirely as lucky in the house. The breeder is telling me I need to keep her almost continually crated unless she's in my lap, until she learns to signal me she wants to go out. Somehow this doesn't seem right.

When we go out (same spot) she's going within seconds, and then on walks later, will poop as well. So she knows her "go" spot, and what to do. My question concerns the transition from crate to pee-less house. I started blocking an area between between the crate and my desk (about 2'x4') and she went there as well. Next day, I gave her half her food there, and thought I had it until last night, in a further spot, she went. (And I gave her this morning's food there.) But do I simply need to be patient in this process. Is there anything that I'm doing that I shouldn't? Or anything that I could do that I'm not? I work from home, and have the ability to take her out several times per day, and do. It's in the face of this that last night's accident, in the play-and-eat area (not to mention it's where I do my work) is so troubling.

In the short days I've had her, I'm coming to find a very strong personality. She'll walk with me until she realizes she's on a leash, and protests that strongly. So I'm re-reading Alpha Dog pieces, and these are helping. Again, I'm trusting, for a nine-week puppy that I need to give her a little leeway, but I'm just not sure how much, and how to successfully navigate this potty training. Thanks much!
Posted by rebecca-johnson-2
Feb 1, 2021
Hi Donald, I see that you posted in 2018 and have not had any reply, And here I am posting in 2021. I am sure that your sheltie is fully potty trained by now. Hopefully, someone told you to just take her out much more frequently, at least every hour as I am sure that would have solved your problem. My cockapoo seems to need to go out every half hour, which is a bit of a challenge. From Rebecca