Male Marking (puppy mill rescue)

Posted by Tracey8
May 1, 2016
I adopted a puppy mill boy two years ago- a shih poo. He was two at the time. He is a super sweet boy but constantly marks everything in the house. I am guessing that he had to do this in the mill to claim his territory. I have tried taking him out on a regular schedule but haven't found this too successful and am guessing because it is more of a marking issue then a house breaking one. He currently wears belly bands in the house but I'd like to break him of his marking behavior if possible. Positive reinforcement and rewarding outside duty with treats don't seem to have had much of an effect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You
Posted by Preethi KOP
May 3, 2016
Hi Tracey,

Thanks for writing in. Sounds like you are having a hard time with house training, two years is a long time!

Firstly if your dog isn't desexed please get him castrated as soon as possible. Next, get a good quality pet de-odoriser and clean your house thoroughly to remove all marking scents. Finally, begin implementing alpha training and use negative reinforcement to train him- a deep throaty growl of a 'NO', a loud startling clap, a squirt with a water bottle etc. whenever you catch him in the act, even with his belly band on.

I hope this helps! Do keep us posted on your progress.