My puppy won't go potty outside

Posted by mark-stetson
Mar 29, 2016
My 14 week old Italian Greyhound is taken outside first thing in the morning, after naps, and about once an hour during the day. I take him outside for 15 minutes and he doesn't go potty. I then take him indoors to his crate and within 2 - 3 minutes he'll pee or poop in his crate. I want to give him praise and treats for going outside but he never goes. Please help me!
Posted by Preethi KOP
Mar 31, 2016
Hi Mark,

Congrats on your new puppy

Sorry to hear about the issues with toilet training, the easiest way to correct the issue would be with puppy training pads- place some in his cage and take a soiled one outside - using the set cue to get him to toilet ('go potty' etc.). You already are in the know with the treats and praise that are to follow! When he does go inside, a firm no (when you catch him in the act only) followed by taking him outside and getting him to toilet there.

I hope this helps! Good luck!!