Need house training advice

Posted by kimberly-friend
Oct 24, 2013
We just got a 5 mth old toy breed. He is a wonderful dog, but we are having some house training issues. At the breeder Samson was used to doing his business freely in an outdoor pen. We live in a city apartment and can't have a pen. He had never been on a leash. We have had him 4 days and I have taught him to walk on leash. But he won't do his business while out on leash. He will hold it painfully long. We even have an older dog who has shown Samson what to do outside. At times I need to crate him, maybe 2 hrs. When I let him out his bedding is soaked. The last 2 days he has not done anything outside. I do keep him on a leash inside right now. Please advise.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Oct 26, 2013
Hi Kimberly,

Thank you for writing in and sorry to hear about your situation.

The great advantage in your situation is that Samson is very young and will be quick to change his habits. Have you looked at the bonus book on House training? It has advice for new pups in great detail. I would recommend putting down newspaper in an area that Samson urinates at or better still soak up a wet patch with some and then use it to create a little potty space for a few days till he gets used to going outside. Whenever you see him urinate indoors use a set phrase and tone (eg. "Go pee Samson"), do not praise him for this. Then when you take him outdoors, take some urine-scented paper with you. Secure it on the ground with some rocks and use the same phrase and tone and encourage him to go. Give him lots of praise and a treat when he does! It may take a few tries, but soon enough he will make the connection!

It is important that you start on basic obedience training (please have a look at the secrets to dog training ebook, it has a fabulous 12 week regime!) and teach him the word 'NO'. Use this whenever you catch him doing something inappropriate. This reprimand HAS to be immediately after the said incident, otherwise it has no effect as he won't make the connection to what he did. Also, have a read through the alpha training ebook as well, it is a great way to have a dog that listens to your every command.

I hope this helps you! It would be great if you could keep us posted on his progress, I look forward to hearing back from you.

All the best to you and Samson

Kind regards,