Never house broke a puppy before and need help

Posted by joanna78
Dec 13, 2012
Emma is a sweetheart. She is a 4 1/2 month old Boxer. She is loving, receptive, listens well, and seems to be very smart. She learned to 'sit' a few days ago and now sits before going out, after coming back in while removing her lead, before meals, before treats, and to calm her when she wants to jump on you. All of which she is praised highly for. We have only had her for a week and we were gone last weekend, so we had to have her boarded, which I know is not the best of situations for a new puppy. The lady I purchased her from did minimal work on potty training with her, other than crating her. She lived in and out doors with her parents and I'm sure had accidents in the house. She does not really enjoy being in her crate, but has not messed in it so far. She has been doing well with potty training and will potty outside almost every time we take her out. I've been using the word 'potty' and praising her for going outside.
Still, she has had a few accidents in the house, but I truly feel they have been lack of persistence on my husband's and my part. I have noticed that she seems to whimper a bit at times. At first I thought it was out of boredom, but now I think she may be trying to tell me she wants to go out. Also, she has had free range of our house, while we are home and not asleep and I just read that is another no, no when housebreaking. We have very little doors in our home separating rooms, so would it be appropriate for me to put her on a leash and tie her where I can watch her at all times?? I do dread this, but I need to be more repetitious or catch her in the act, so she can be reprimanded because I'm not sure she understands that when she goes in the house that is a no, no.
I have never house broke a dog before. My last companion was 8 months old when I got her. She was a joy. She NEVER had an accident in the house the whole 10 years she was alive, while I had her and she would not potty no matter how long she was left in the house. I know I can't expect Emma to be like Gretta, because they are two different animals, but I can freshen up on my part as teacher and master. I know Emma has so much potential and I want to be able to bring that out of her. Any information or advice would be appreciated

P.S. My husband seems to be having the hardest time with her. I don't know if he isn't persistent, if she doesn't respect him, yet, or what is going on, but she always has accidents when he is in charge. Just today, he went up to the house to let her out of her crate to potty and he said she peed in the floor by her crate before he got her outside. She has had several accidents in the house while he has been watching her and I KNOW every accident is not her fault. Is there any advice on training your husband for potty training???
Posted by frank-alves
Jan 8, 2013
It's not easy. accidents do happen. keep a regiment of taking her out every couple of hours whether you think she needs to go or not. Having a routine and sticking to it is the key. Don't giveher a lot of grief about accidents but let her know it's not acceptable and take her outside. Hang in there. Hope this helps. Frank