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Posted by Freddie
Mar 5, 2011
Hi, My wife an I have just got a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy. We're keen to get him (Diesel) House trained and listening to basic commands. There's a lot of download information on the site which is excellent. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to read or listen to first in order to provide Diesel with the best start. We have done our research on the breed but we would appreciate any advice.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 10, 2011
Hey Freddie,

Congrats on the new pup! Its usually best to start with housetraining, and mix in a few basic obedience commands at the same time (sit, stay are usually a good start, as well as come). Make it playful, but be strict in his paying attention.

You can email the Customer support team at support (remove the space between support and ) to get a better idea of where to begin with your downloads and membership. Also, take a look through the forums and see what advice and questions other members have offered on new arrivals.

The main thing with any puppy is to be patient and CONSISTENT. Keep a routine to whatever training you start, always correct the same mistakes, always reward the same breakthroughs and accomplishments!

Have fun, let us know if you need more direction or help!