New Puppy

Posted by paynecf1
Oct 10, 2011
Hi all,

My wife and I are going to be adopting a new puppy within the next couple months. We currently have a 6 year old dog at home that roams free in the house while we are away. We plan on crate training the puppy, so he will be caged while we are gone. My question is, should I keep the puppy in the cage in the same area as the other dog, or put him in a separate room? Not sure if there is a benefit to either one or not. My initial thought would be to leave him in the same area as the other dog, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have experience with this, or can you offer advice?

Thank you.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 14, 2011
Hey there,

Congrats on planning the new arrival! Hope it all goes well

As far as your question - you can pretty much try it either way. The only experience I have with this is that some people who crate trained the new addition, and allowed their old dog to roam around experienced the new puppy stressing a bit more in the crate. After all, watching another dog, who is your playmate sometimes, roam around freely while you're stuck in a box is a bit distressing for an energetic puppy. You may find that your pup chews at the crate and scratches up whats in it if he can see your other dog walk around. It may also cause him to whine a bit more, wanting to be let out and play.

On the other hand - its reasonable to think that the company of another dog, even if its outside the actual crate, might comfort your little guy if he's lonely. He may be more at ease while your other dog is in eye sight or close by.

Do you plan on keeping the crate training going while you're out of the house once the pups' grown? Or will you eventually let both roam freely?

I'd say give it a go with letting your older dog roam freely around the new pup in his crate and see if you can tell he's stressing out or not. You should look for torn up blankets/toys, spilt water, check puppies mouth for cuts or bruising from chewing at the bars, and of course see if the crate is taking on a beating!

Of course, other members may have more first hand experience here, but thats my take Please let us know how the new arrival goes!
Posted by paynecf1
Oct 14, 2011
Thank you for the information. We do plan on leaving the puppy out to roam with the other dog once he is older and perhaps more "responsible" the crate is just a temporary tool to keep him from destroying the house when we are gone. I probably will end up trying both ways and see if I can tell which is less stressful for the pup.

Thanks again.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 15, 2011
Hope everything goes smoothly! Exciting!
Posted by ellerandi
Oct 16, 2011
I got a new Puppy and I decided to get into this program. I Pay $88 and I haven't be able to do anything with it. I got access to few videos and the one for Mac computer do not work at all, kept repeating the first part of the videos. Also I don't have idea where is the program to do obedience and house training to the puppy. I am not sure if I will receive anything on the mail. I sent e-mail to support or whatever is in the page and I got not answer is this an scan program?
Posted by paynecf1
Oct 17, 2011
You should have received emails from Kingdom of Pets with links to the various places that you have access to. When I did it there were downloadable documents as well as audio players etc. The only Advice I could offer is to go back through any emails you received after you made your payments and follow the links given. I was able to get access to everything I purchased by doing that.

Hope this helps.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 17, 2011
Hey ellerandi,

I'm sorry you're having trouble! We're definitely not a scam! Hopefully we can sort this out...

As advised above - you should have recieved emails with links to the information you can now access. If you haven't got them I'd suggest going through your junk mail folder and see if it accidentally got directed there?

What happens after you use the "members login" page? You should type in your name and password and then be able to go to the information links about training, behaviour problems, etc. Try the pull down menu at the top of the page if the direct links are playing up.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the Mac video set up - I'll send in an email about it and see if I can get any info for you.