New Puppy

Posted by lizereno
Apr 1, 2012
I have an 8 week old Chorkie puppy and she refuses to poop on her puppy pad. We set up a bathroom as her area and she runs in there if she has to pee, but she will not poop in there. Instead she will wait until we let her out and go on the carpet in our living room. Today we left her in the bathroom for about four hours while we were out and she hadn't gone. We let her out and she tried to go on the carpet. I carried her to the puppy pad and she refused to go. What can I do?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 3, 2012
Hi there,

Is the pad dirty when she needs to go poo? Sometimes dogs won't use the same pad twice in a row - you might try changing them everytime she pees on it.

Otherwise - you could try newspaper or some other material in case its just that she doesnt recognize/like the feel of the pads as an ok place to poo.