New puppy house training problems

Posted by marcel-ducharme
Mar 21, 2011
Hi all,
I just purchaced a new puppy, She is a female english bull dog.
she just arrived on friday night and is 11weeks old. She seems to be very confused when it come to figuring out where to go pee and poo. I, m trying to teach her to go outside be taking her out when she is giving signes of having to go, but refuses to go outside. I can stay out for half hour with her and nothing . Bring her back in the house and she goes the minute you take your eyes off her. Trying to go on a news paper is not really working eather. She does go on the paper randomly. praise her when she does and an hour latter she goes on the floor again.
Any suggestion with this problem anyone??

Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 22, 2011
Hi Marcel,

First off, giving a new puppy full range of a new house usually ends in disaster, unless you have the time to follow them continuously to make sure they arent getting into things they shouldnt, or chewing things, or pooing in bad places, etc! The best advice I can give on housetraining is to keep your pup confined to one small area in the house until she learns where is ok to go to the bathroom, and only then let her have access to more of the house. For example:

Puppy stays in the laundry room (kept in with a baby gate usually works). You take her out regularly, especially about 10 minutes after eating and a few minutes after drinking heaps, and praise her heaps when she goes outside. If she doesnt go, bring her back in, watch her for about 5 minutes, and try again on the outside trip. When she gets the idea and hasnt gone to the bathroom in the laundry in about 3 days, give her access to the next adjoining room (only one room at a time!). Repeat the process. If she has an accident in the new room, she goes down a "level" and is put back to the laundry for a day or two, then try the new room again. Keep repeating this "levelling up" until she has access to the whole house, and keep backtracking by one room every time she has an accident. This technique always seems to work and is advocated by most of my friends. It usually only takes a week or two for pups to get the idea.

If you find an accident inside, some dog owners I know brought the dog to the accident, made sure puppy notices it while saying "no" in a stern voice. Then immediately put puppy outside. I think this works for some dogs well.

Just be sure youre consistent on taking her out after meals and having a big drink. I'm sure she'll pick up on the routine soon!