Pees & poops on carpets

Posted by eddasteel
Oct 22, 2009
House trained & uses doggy door, but whena room with a carpet is available, pees or poops on it. HELP!!!!
Posted by kjd
Oct 22, 2009
Sounds as if the pup equates carpet with grass -- is this shag carpet?

Does the dog do it when people are present -- in the home, in the same room? Has the dog always done this or is this new? If new, have there been changes in the house? Or the people/animals in the house.

Has the dog been raised in a carpetless house that now has a carpet?

Sorry for all these questions, but we really need a bit more information to go on.
Posted by kjd
Nov 2, 2009
Sorry, Eddasteel, I just saw your response. It definitely sounds as if he thinks carpet is the same as grass. Have you read the ebook on house-training?

Until he gets the idea that carpet is not grass, can you keep him out of any room with carpet -- unless you are closely monitoring?

Posted by Shirleyl
Nov 6, 2009
I have the same problem with my mini poodle...I keep him blocked off from the rest of the house because whenever he has unsupervised freedom he makes a mess. I don't know if he is marking his territory or making a statement.:mad:
Posted by eileen-stanton
Oct 6, 2013
My daughter has a 4 year old Couton detelaur that I take care of sometimes. She is not trained. She has started pooping & or peeing on the carpet wherever she is. She does bark to tell me that she has to pee or poop but now has started this new behavior. I have tied her in the kitchen so she will not have access to the carpet. She is a one person dog, my daughter,but does love being with me, too. What do you suggest?
Posted by Preethi KOP
Oct 8, 2013
Hi Eileen,

Thanks for writing in, carpets are the worst things to have around a dog that isn't well house trained.

To start with, a firm loud "NO" or a loud clap is a good way to get her to realise defecating indoors is unacceptable. Pick her up immediately and take her outside. Once outside, do not chide her, encourage her to poop instead. Use a set phrase "Go potty _" and keep your tone consistent. A good poop-routine is an easy way to ensure that she habituates to this quicker. Take her out immediately after each meal and encourage her to go. Lots of praise the minute she starts urinating/defecating outdoors is a great motivator too. You could even give her a doggie treat!

As for cleaning up after her, you will need to use a strong smelling disinfectant and do so immediately after the incident. You can even buy a deodorizer from your local per store. Also, have a look at basic obedience training in the Secrets to Dog Training ebook. Getting her to obey a few commands will help convert her from being a one person dog, to some extent at least.

All the best, I really hope you are successful with training her. Do keep us posted on your progress.

Kind regards,