Puppy training

Posted by diane-martin
Jul 3, 2013
I am having a problem with my new puppy, about 2 months old, she wets her cage, her bed in the living room besides the countless other places in the house, she will just go in the box, then come out and wet other places, she also bites me constantly despite the skaking of can's with coins in, growling, she does not listen at all, very stubborn, squirms when I try to put her leash on and just gets totally out of control to the point of my almost dropping her???? Help Me
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jul 7, 2013
Hi Diane,

Thank you for your message.

I am sorry to hear about your problems. Be rest assured that you are not alone with what you are going through. Most puppies take a while to settle down and you could try the following to help you-

- give her lots of time out doors, socialize her with other pups/dogs etc.
- get her in a routine when it comes to urinating, monitor her water intake and how often she needs to relieve herself. Once you do this you will soon be able to take her out at the right times. Be consistent with the timing, dogs like routine.
- As for training her/putting her on a leash, please make sure it is when she is not overly excited as this will get you nowhere.
- You need to start training her. The STDT ebook has a good twelve week programme that you should look in to.

I hope this helps! Good luck