house training

Posted by rebecca-johnson-2
Feb 1, 2021
My cockapoo is almost 4 months old and is not yet potty trained. She is very good about defecating and will even bark to go outside in order to poop but she urinates in the house once almost every day. I have her confined to my kitchen/family room area where I can keep a close eye on her. I confine her to her crate when I am not with her. I take her outside immediately upon waking, immediately upon coming out of her crate, shortly after eating, any time I see her circling suspiciously and at least every hour unless she is sleeping. I tell her to go potty when I take her outside and she usually complies and I praise her at that time. I have caught her in the act of peeing inside the house a few times and instinctively said OH NO and then immediately took her outside. Still she has one peeing accident almost every day. I clean the area of the accident with an enzyme designed to eliminate the urine odour. Any thoughts? Do I need to do something drastic to get this potty problem under control?