peeing/pooing in the house AGAIN

Posted by jinx
Jan 5, 2011
Recently my puppy has started acting up again and started pooing and peeing in the house even though he's been housetrained. I've actually trained him to ring a bell whenever he wishes to pee as well and he has been doing exactly that for the past, almost 3 months, but recently though he does still occasionally signal that he wishes to pee outside by ringing the bell, more often he pees and poos in the house. What's wrong and how do i get him to stop?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 6, 2011
Hey again jinx,

Some puppies do have a bit of trouble with remembering they are housetrained. He WILL get it, I'm sure Just a speedbump in his training.

My old flatmates dog did this, just randomly started going to the bathroom inside after a couple months, even thought before that he had been a very well trained pup. I think the best thing to do is go through your training technique again. It shouldn't take as long as it did the first time, but by doing the routine over again, it should trigger recognition/memories of the training in your dog. Its not a complete start over, because your dog DOES know what to do, its more like a refresher course.

So if you were keeping him in a certain room while he learned, go back to keeping him in that room, making sure no accidents happen in there. Praise him heaps when he does go outside or uses his bell, maybe give him treats after going to the bathroom (immediately after, so he knows that toileting outside is what he's getting rewarded for) to reinforce the idea.

Hopefully this helps, like I said, pups get a bit confused sometimes Good luck!