submissive peeing

Posted by jentrost
Dec 17, 2010
I guess this is what Avatar does. He is a big dog and extremely friendly. Everyone loves him and loves to come up to him and pet him. One huge problem. He pees on their feet or just pees when they walk up to him. Mostly men and children. He is totally potty trained and extremely obedient. But, this one problem lingers on. Oh, he cowers sometimes. The other day I was walking him and a branch sent a shadow over his face and he flinched like I was going to hit him I never hit him. He gets so insulted if I even point my finger at him when he has been bad. I speak to him very gently, but firmly to tell him bad boy and then he gets time out for 15 mins or so. That works tremendously. But, just don't know what to do about the pee-ing and the ultra sensitivities he has.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 20, 2010
Hey jentrost,

A lot of dogs pee a little when people come up, its usually excitement, sometimes mixed with submission.

Have you tried keeping Avatar outside when guests come over? That way they can greet him outside, so if he pees its at least not inside? You can also work with him this way. If possible, can you stay with Avatar while your guests come in? He can hear them approach the house, and you can be there speaking calmly to him so that he doesn't get too excited. The guests can approach a window where Avatar can see him, and you're still there, speaking calmly and praising him for not peeing or getting worked up. Then, your guests can come outside and say hello. Its probably better for them to come out and not approach Avatar, but let him come to them, that way he's less likely to get worked up as they walk up to him.

Continue working on this with him, remember to speak calmly to him and praise his calm behaviour. Ask people not to approach him, but let him go to them, this could help cut down on peeing. Start outside to avoid messes, and then work on bringing him in to say hi once his peeing starts to go away.

Other members might have more suggestions, I hope this helps
Posted by jentrost
Dec 20, 2010
Hi Caroline,

Most of these things I already do. Unfortunately, I am not always at home when guests come to see my son. I did tell him to make sure they don't go over to Avatar and say hello. But Avatar loves people and he usually goes up to them. I think the best idea is to put him out initially and when everyone has settled, then he can come in and say hello. When outside, kids will just come up to him and he just wags and pees....usually all over their feet. Yikes!!! I will again mention to my son to put Avatar out first before guests come in.

Avatar is 3 1/2 years old. He stops and starts and stops and starts. I don't know what brings it on or what stops it. I do praise him for being a good boy.

Hmmm..... this one is tricky. Especially the flinching thing.

thanks again. Jennifer
Posted by kjd
Feb 7, 2011
You know, Jennifer, sometimes it is easier to have a rescue dog. You don't know their past, so you can blame any strange actions on something that happened before you got them. When you've had them from the beginning, you wonder.

When did Avatar start this flinching? You aren't home all the time and Avatar appears to spend time outside where people can approach: is it possible someone scared or hit him with a stick? Since he is such a soft dog, it probably wouldn't take much to convince him that sticks were dangerous.