training to use a pad instead of outside?

Posted by jinx
Oct 19, 2010
i have a 4month old yorkie mix puppy. He's mostly housetrained, and used to pooing and peeing outside, but i would like to train him to pee on a pee pad since during the winters, the area i live in gets alot of nonstop rain. I've been trying to get him to pee on the pad, but he won't go no matter what. One time i kept him in all day, and took him to the pad almost every hour, but by the end of the day, when he hadn't peed or pooed once, i felt too bad and took him out, where he immediately pooed and peed. How do i get him to poo and pee on a pad. He's never been puppy pad trained.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 20, 2010
Hey jinx,

Does your pup usually go the bathroom in the same spot in the yard? If so, when you take him out, put the pad down where he usually goes. If not, try confining him to a section of the yard (with a play pen or something) when you take him out for pee-breaks, and then put the pad down in the pen.

He needs to get used to the feel of the pad first, and the habit of peeing on it, and this is easier to introduce if you put it where he's used to going to the bathroom.

Once he's got it outside, try moving it closer and closer to the house, or just inside. Its important to keep it in one spot once you do put it in the house, so you don't confuse the little one!

If pads just dont seem to be working at all, you can get boxed grass to bring inside and try to train him on that, since he'll be used to it already.

Let us know how you go!
Posted by jinx
Oct 22, 2010
Once i take him outside he likes to roam around. He never pees and poos in the same spot, or at least, he doesnt really poo in the same spot. i can usually get him to pee in the grass plot near the door, but I need to let him walk around before he'll poo. Also, i've tried once before to get him to use the pad by not taking him out at all for the day. And i took him to pee on the pad every half hour then half hour after he hadn't peed by the afternoon. And i kept him on the pad for about 15minutes but he never went pee. After 12 hours of him holding it in, i ended up just taking him out again~
Also, the problem with the placement of the pad is, my roommate can't stand the smell of pee and i heard when puppies pee on the pad, its recommended to leave the pad, so the puppy will have a marker of where to pee again, but my roommate will throw it away as soon as its been peed on.
Posted by kjd
Oct 23, 2010
Hi, Jinx.

Your puppy is fully housebroken. When you keep him in the house for long periods of time, trying to break him of his outdoor habit, you actually being mean. We had a dog who actually made herself sick when boarding at a vet's office because she knew not to pee inside. (Once the vet realized the problem, she was taken for walks.)

KOPCaroline has given you some excellent advice. If, however, your dog does not use a particular part of the yard, you can use his indoor manners to help. Only let him outside to do his business and keep him confined to a small area for doing it. (You are actually doing the reverse of housebreaking! Just as you would limit the area he had in the house, so you do in the yard.) In the beginning, this may be pretty large, but you gradually limit it. Then, when he has the idea, start putting puppy pads in that spot, as KOPCaroline suggested. Meanwhile, you will be playing with him and exercising him inside the house.

Until you have him happily going on the pad outside, I wouldn't worry about your roommate's aversion to the urine smell.

OTOH, you might want to invest in a Puppy Patch and use that, instead of the pad, outdoors. I imagine there isn't a strong urine order and it might be easier for your Yorkie to learn to use, as it will be more like the outdoors.

Good luck,
Posted by elgringo13
Oct 24, 2010
We have a two year old Australian Terrierda rescue dog from the local shelter. He has apparently been trained to a pad/newspaper inside. Although we had a "spot" he used to pee and poop, he is now refusing to go outsidehe was going only on the pad in the house. I have taken the pad outside, but still no luck. We are taking him for walks but he waits to get back indoors. I use all the tricks I know to try and convince him to do his duty outside at his spot. This week, he started leaving his pile in different parts of the house rather than the pad. As you can i8magine, this has caused problems on the home front. How about some advice so that we can get Jake back on track outside? He is super intelligent and very determined to get his way.

Posted by jinx
Oct 25, 2010
thanks, to both KOPCaroline and KJD!
i'll try doing what you guys have recommended.
Posted by jinx
Oct 26, 2010
Sorry but one more issue. While I was doing the original training to get him to pee outside, i trained him to ring a bell to signify when he wanted to go out. He now rings the bell when he needs to pee, but the problem is he also does it when he wants to just go out and play. How can i get him to only ring the bell when he needs to pee?
But on the other hand, i've restricted his peeing area to out backyard veranda area and also laid the pad down in a covered corner. He just sniffs it then walks away~
Posted by kjd
Nov 4, 2010
Sorry, jinx,

Our pups are pretty smart. Yours obviously learned ringing the bell was to go outside, not to pee outside. This is a pretty common problem. I had a dog that learned starting to upchuck got her outside quickly. She'd come around and start gulping. She did stop, but I do not know how we stopped her.

Maybe someone else can solve this.

Posted by misskris
Jul 15, 2011
Hi everyone!

It's been a while since there was a post on this thread, so I'm hoping that means everyone solved their potty problems since then?

As for the ringing of the bell problem, the only thing that I can think of is that when she rings the bell, take her outside and if she doesn't go bathroom for a couple minutes or so, take her right back inside, no playing, no roaming. I think this might eventually give her the idea that if she rings the bell, she will only get to sniff for a little and if she doesn't go immediately, she goes right back inside? Hope it works!

Also, on the same note as the thread, I have a pup who is almost fully housebroken to go OUTSIDE. She waits by the door and everything. She is 3 months old and hasn't had an accident in over a week. I know that she will still have bad days, but she is doing a great job!

I also would like suggestions to encouraging her to potty on my lanai. I was wondering since it would be like "exiting" the house, would I be able to trick her into thinking she's outside? haha. My lanai is out the back door, while the yard is out the front door (townhouse). I am thinking of using the potty patch, but wanted to see if anyone has had success training their dog on that thing even AFTER they have been outside potty trained? I wouldn't want to invest in it only for it not to work. The only reason I would like her both lanai and outside trained is that I live in a townhouse where it frequently rains, which she doesn't really like, so she won't go outside during those times. I have used an umbrella for her but to no avail.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 16, 2011
Hey misskris,

It should be relatively easy to train her to go in a specific spot if thats the only reason you put her out there, or if you make a routine out of it.

For a bit, try putting her out the back on the lanai, instead of putting her out front ever. This will hopefully get the idea its ok to use the bathroom out back into her mind. Tell her good girl when she does use it - you obviously want to encourage it.

It will get confusing to her if you put her out there for lots of other reasons (to play, etc) so try to cut down putting her on the lanai unless you're putting her there to use the bathroom.

A few days of this and she should get the idea, as long as youre consistent and praise her for doing what you want. Once she's got it, try putting her out front a little more to make sure she'll still go out there. Once she's fully got the routines, she should be able to use either, depending on where you put her

Let us know how it goes! Hope it works
Posted by misskris
Jul 17, 2011
thank you! I will definitely try that. I asked a friend whose dog is trained to use both and she suggested to purchase some grass squares from home deopt and use them sporadically placed around the pad, then once she gets the idea, take them away one by one, and then eventually, it's just the pad left...

I'll let you know how it goes, I'm going to start today!


Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 18, 2011
Grass squares is definitely a good idea! I'm sure it will help Good luck!
Posted by misskris
Jul 19, 2011
thank you! Great advice I think I might have to invest in some fake grass as well, as she will hold it and hold it and hold it until she gets to the real stuff. It's my fault, though, because I know I just need to stick to it and be consistent. It's just so much easier to take her to the grass!!! argh... haha.

I will keep you updated. thank you for your great advice!
Posted by richydehav
Oct 11, 2011
It seems wrong to try and train a dog not to go outside - they do not mind a bit of rain and you can always put on some protective gear. Surely you will need to take him out for exercise anyway.
If the problem is just having a wet dog in the house/apartment then you could always get a dog dry bag - these are towling bags with zips that you can put your dog in when they are wet/muddy/sandy and the mix of body heat and the towling bag dries them off quite quickly. they are also useful if your dog gets wet and muddy and you need to put them in the car to get home.