wetting when at rest

Posted by ericac
Jun 16, 2013
Hello, I have a 15 week old Akita who seems to still have very little control over urinating. She understands what the pad and paper is for, but more often than not doesn't make even though she will have been only 1 hour before. Also she often wets herself while sleeping and after waking up when she starts to walk she can only hold it for about 5 seconds so then pees on the floor. Could it be just that she's a slow developer or is this really abnormal? I'm at my wits end and the vet just laughs and says "she's only a baby"! Thanks.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jun 17, 2013
Hi Erica,

Thanks for writing in! You have my sympathy, that does sound like a difficult situation to deal with. Her condition does seem a bit exaggerated to me.

First thing would be to estimate how much fluid/wet food is going in. Do you think her urine output is appropriate for the input level? There are medical issues that can cause this polyuria/ incontinence so it would be best for your vet to do a complete physical exam and blood profile/urinalysis on her (if he/she has't already done so).

Once medical issue have been ruled out, you will just have to focus much harder on potty training her. For starters, clean out her bed/crate completely (and apply a strong deodorizer). Do the same with the floor. Then, get her on a schedule. Monitor and write down time of day she usually goes and monitor how much water she drinks. You will soon be able to work out when she will need to relieve herself. You could give her lower amounts of water if she is left alone for long hours. Just ensure she is hydrated. In the morning,take her out first thing. Get her used to the command "go pee" and "go poop" etc.Give her lots and lots of praise when she does the right thing. A treat or two would also help re-inforce the good behaviour.If you do catch her peeing inappropriately, please give her a loud clap/ 'NO' etc and take her out. Once she does pee outside make sure you encourage her. Never raise your voice once you're outside, it will only confuse her.

Dogs are creatures of habit, they depend on a repetitive schedule. She will change if it isn't a medical issue. Just be patient and persevering.

I wish you the best.

Kind regards,