Billy Boy in Memory (06/09/07 to 23/04/09)

Posted by jessechp
May 7, 2009
Hi Friends,

Another sadness came to my life after Niu-Niu left. Billy Boy (my 1st Golden Retriever; 1 yr 7mths old) was caught with distemper virus. I just can't believe it. He had all the full vaccine right from a pup. Even our regular vet was unable to detect it until it got very serious. It happened within 3 weeks. He seemed to be very playful and energetic but no appetite to eat. We took him to vet for check up but the vet had given all the necessary medication but he just won't feel like eating.

One week later we decided to take him to another vet since our existing vet said he was not able to detect Billy's sickness. The new vet tested with positive result on canine distemper virus. I was so sad as the vet told us it all depend on Billy's body system to fight against the virus. I cried since the day the vet told me that there was no hope for Billy. I never gave up. I went online to search for solutions and tried my best to cure him. His twitching got worse, cannot see light and unable to walk. I gotta carry him to pee. Billy Boy saw me crying and he tried his best to show me that he was fine (indeed he was already very ill). On 23/04/09, Billy Boy was put to sleep. My family and I had made the hardest ever decision to put him to sleep peacefully. He was really a good companion to me and family. He had left us with unforgetable sweet memories. I really gotta learn to live my days without Billy boy at my bedside. May Billy Boy rest in peace and live to the fullest health at rainbow bridge. We miss you Billy Boy...

I really hope that I will meet another Golden Retriever which look like Billy and I shall name him Billy Boy again. Billy has left me for 2 weeks now. I still miss him and I still cry whenever I look back at those photos and videos of him (This is the last photo of Billy boy before he was put to sleep)
Posted by LetsPlay
Jun 17, 2009
I'm very sorry to hear that. Having your dog die is like losing your soul. I hope you can find comfort in the fact that Billy Boy had a loving home and people that cared for him right up until he died.

I wish you all the strength you need to get through this.
Posted by kjd
Jun 17, 2009
It is always hard to lose a dog, but to have to make that decision when he was so young -- my heart cries for you. May he remain always in your mind and your heart.
Posted by jessechp
Jun 22, 2009
Thanks for the comfort. 2 more days would be 2 months since Billy Boy left us. The sadness hasn't gone yet. Tears would just roll down whenever I recall my memory of him. I visited to a pet shop 2 weeks ago and there were golden retrievers. I just couldn't stop my tears as it makes me think of Billy Boy. I hope to own another golden soon.

If anyone out there who know of someone who would like to give away his Golden Retriever, I would be more than happy to accept it. I can be contacted at [B] [/B]