Dog talk

Posted by bitingterrier76
Oct 19, 2011
Does anyone know what the dog means when he holds his paw gently up when your petting him? My spoiled little one sits with me and when I am petting him he does that, he has also taken to putting his head under my chin and nuzzles me wanting me to kiss the top of the head? We have regained trust from the snarling and growling when I touch him from behind or try to go around him. This is a new side of the Twitch I haven't seen before, the cute part. Just wondering?:confused:
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 22, 2011
Hi bitingterrier76,

I am so glad that your terrier is getting so affectionate!

I think those gestures are asking for your attention. Especially the gentle pawing is to ask for "More" or "Keep doing" what you are doing to him.

One of my dogs loves to be petted on his head. Whenever I stop petting him, he would nudge my hand with his head saying "More! More! Don't stop it".

Some people say it is a sign of dominance so don't pet him but I don't agree with that. I would pet him more as long as I have time to do that. When I am busy, I would just tell him "Noah, sorry but not now" and he would go away.

Your terrier is communicating with him I think that is wonderful!!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 23, 2011
I also think its just asking for attention, or continued attention. A happy sign! A lot of dogs paddle with their paws when they want a pat.

As MHN said, you don't have to respond every time, but its not a bad thing! Glad you're seeing happy signs!