Goofy question

Posted by patios
Dec 21, 2011
We have a new pup. He is a Yorkie and Maltese mix. He is really cute and seems to favor the yorkie side when it comes to coat color. He originally started out with floppy ears, I was happy with that. Then his ears went straight up. Now his ears are out to the side and look something like a lambs ear would look but kind of folded in half. Is this normal? Any idea on how his ears will eventually settle? He is 12 weeks old. I do realize it is a superficial thing, and not important in the grand scheme of things, but I did love the floppy/down ears. We had a silky terrier last time and his ears were straight up, I was fine with that. Our new little guy is a great pup and we will love him no matter what he ends up looking like, but it is really weird to watch this all happening within a couple of weeks.

While I am asking questions, I have one more. We bought him from a local breeder. She loved her dogs immensely. However, she did not live in the cleanest of homes and when we brought him home he had fleas and worms. I knew he had to be dewormed, she provided the meds for that. We got rid of the ringworm and whatever the other one was, but he still had tapeworms and the vet gave him special meds for that and he is getting a follow up treatment this Friday. here's the question, if a pup is dealing with tapeworms, does that affect his coat? His hair is not as full as a normal morkie, but is starting to get longer now and is about 1-1.5" long now. (and yes, we did eliminate the flea problem)

Thanks for any and all help.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 22, 2011
Hey patios,

congrats on the new pup!

As far as ears go - its really anybodys guess. My own dog started with two floppy ears, then they straightened, and he finally ended with one up one down. Things like that do have a tendency to shift around in the first few weeks/months, so you may see more change. My own dog didn't settle his ears down until probably about 2-3 months. Sorry I can't help more!

For the tapeworms - I'd say they definitely could affect the coat. As they are essentially "stealing" nutrients from your dog (or have been, hopefully they're gone now!) - this leaves pup with less protein and fat to put towards a healthy, shiny coat. Once the worms are gone I'd bet you'll see more improvements with her coat

Hope this helps, please dont hesistate to ask any more questions!