I feel ripped off, what are your stories?

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Oct 3, 2008
I feel ripped off, does anyone share my views.
What are your stories or whatever. Love to hear them!
Posted by Annie
Oct 4, 2008
hi there,
not sure what you are saying. I´m guessing that you felt you bought a book and magic didn´t happen?

I, personally, LOVE this forum and am reading and writing almost daily. Everybody is so sweet and supportive, and sometimes it does take a coupla days for an answer ( everybody lives all over the world) I always get an answer, or a good discussion over my problem.
I have read the book from cover to cover, but a year later, I just duck in and read the chapter again that I think will help....

I haven´t seen your name up on the forum so much....is there any particular problem that we could discus? I´d really be interested....and I know there are a couple of other forum 'junkies' who would comment too.

When the moderators have commented to me it has always been clear and logical, and often a poke to look back to the book. When members comment it´s to share stories and tipps. I combine all this information and try a few things out.

Tell us more about YOUR story.

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Oct 5, 2008
-Removed because I wanted too-
Posted by Annie
Oct 6, 2008
sorry....still missing the point.
Sounds to me like you ordered every little thing without a clear idea what you needed. I´m sorry that you are dissappointed, but I am still wondering what the problem with your dog is. So far, you haven´t mentioned a dog.....if you want a beautiful friend. nicely trained and the envy of your friends and neighbours....well...thats 90 quid well spent....but YOU have to actually DO the hard work. 90 dollars will get you about an hour with a trainer where I come from, and most problems will need at least a few sessions. The book is not supposed to be a coffee table book with elaborate photos and feel-good stories, it is a text book to give the owner confidence in some new techniques. Added to the book are DVD´s as some people need to learn more visually, and then as a free bonus you get unlimited advice and tips from some interesting and sometimes experienced people from all over the world.

I would not have the imagination to 'self' discover these techniques, and I am now ( through hard work and many disscussions) owning an incredibly well behaved dog. My family and I are continully suprised and enchanted with how wonderfully she has developed. My understanding of dogs has exploded and, yes, I wish this was for free, but knowledge is forever.

So, again, I am really really interested to hear what´s going on with your dog, and I, and others like me, will be very keen to answer, try to interpret the book, give tipps, laugh over silly stories, and encourage through hard times......priceless.

take care,
Posted by Alpha-Dog
Oct 6, 2008
Hi GoddessDoggies,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately I am having trouble deciphering exactly what you mean. Please email our Customer Support team if you have any concerns or questions about the product that you have purchased, and they will be happy to help you.
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Oct 7, 2008
Just doing a quick reply still have to finish reading what you put, I do have a dog, who's 5 years old gonna turn 6 soon. Can't believe he is growing up so fast on me. I told him he's grounded from growing up anymore on me, haha if only that was possiable. You sound like a smart dog owner n person. I like your advice and shall think about it. I might take you up on your offer.

Sorry must cut it short now. I'll post again soon.
Posted by Annie
Oct 7, 2008
Hi there,
your dog sounds cute. what breed is he? I´m guessing a bigger breed? Have you had him all his life or recently adopted? try to post a photo...
take care,
Posted by Wendy-O
Oct 8, 2008
I think for myself, I regularly look through some of the problems/comments/advice on the Forum, and try and incorporate these in my daily training. However, if I was about to buy the book again - I would definitely want a hard copy. As you say, you need to read the book, then re-read the parts that you wish to utilise, and then continue to visit it as appropriate. Downloading, whilst instantly available - is (in my view) not really user friendly.

Posted by jasminasul
Oct 9, 2008
Hi, I love this forum too, although I don`t have a computer at home and I can`t read everything.
Still, I thought it would be great to have an experienced vet advise me about my dogs`health, since I live in a rural area and the local vet doesn`t seem to be very good. One of my dogs was very ill when she was about six months old; I took her to the vet but she said something I was not happy with: that the dog was allergic to an insect and the blood vomiting and diarrhea were just a coincidence. I told her that there must be a disease that presented all these symptoms but she was stubborn, so I posted my query and the moderator advised me to trust my vet. I still wasn`t happy so I asked another doctor who finally explained to me that Ehrlichiosis can cause vomiting with blood as a reaction to the insect`s venom, which was beautiful and by the way my dog is OK.

Anyway, I think it is great to learn so many things about dogs, like a hormone that can help with dogs` aggression, so I don`t feel ripped off and a forum is like life itself, there is all kind of people. Do tell us about your dog and you`ll see that you can find a solution if you are strong.
Posted by asongbird6
Oct 23, 2008
Can someone tell me about some hormone that can help with dog agression??
Posted by Zoey
Nov 12, 2008
Hi, I am giving this forum a chance but have had 0 luck yet, it may be my inexperience with this forum or this one isn't user friendly? I am OK with the download section but have had 0 responses from the forum. I was part of another pro dog trainers site and was able to get responses within minutes.
Posted by stemi
Dec 11, 2008
i've given up on this forum. it seems like everyone who posts here are people who are looking for help and those who have experience are overwhelmed and can't give advice and answer the questions posed. a quick glance through the threads show that many times people who post questions never receive any answers. so, if you're looking for an online community for advice about training or behaviours or just friendly dog discussions, i would suggest going to google and typing in your breed of dog followed by the word forum. that's what i did and i have gotten more prompt responses and very helpful advice.
Posted by Kath1968
Dec 27, 2009
It's DAP - dog appeasing pheromone? - and is the pheromone a lactating bitch emits. Calms things down. It does seem to work. You can get DAP-impregnated collars or a diffuser for the room. Where I got it from wasn't cheap, but it has prevented bloodshed between a fox terrier and a rhodesian ridgeback (can you imagine a worse combination?!)