I miss you, Yuba

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Feb 3, 2010
Hi all,

Very sad news but Yuba, our foster dog, died this morning. When I woke up he was already gone.

Around 5:15am Noah started barking and we thought a skunk was back in the yard or something. My husband went to see and heard that Yuba whining in the utility room where he was sleeping the last 2 nights and Noah was barking towards the room. My husband just told Noah to go back to sleep and came back to bed himself.

Yuba was alive at that time and Noah probably wanted to tell us something was wrong with Yuba.

His face was peaceful so I think he didn't suffer much. Later today we were told after examination that he had a major aneurism so there would have not been anything we could have done.

Last night Yuba and I had a great time as I found out he loved fetch. I threw a ball for him in our hallway and he would bring it right back in front of me. We did it for 30 times. He looked very happy and he and I started to form a bonding... I had a lot of plans to have much more fun with him next few days before he gets adopted to a new home.

I learned that his previous owner died and he was brought to a shelter by the owner's son so he wanted to go close to his dad. I am glad that he didn't have to die in a shelter but it is still very sad...

We had him only less than 40 hrs but he had become a part of our family. He was so good with our foster kittens too. I am very thankful that he gave us the last 40 hrs of his life. I miss you, Yuba
Posted by kjd
Feb 3, 2010
Oh, MaxHollyNoah, how quickly we bond! Now Yuba is cuddled up to his owner telling him about this lovely lady that made his last two days happy. And as his owner throws the ball far to see Yuba race after it, he thanks you from the bottom of his heart, for he had worried about Yuba.

You made his last hours happy ones, MHN. How sad it would have been for him to die in the shelter, his life already torn up with his beloved master gone. Just think of him glancing over at the Bridge once in a while; waiting to take you to meet his master. . .

I know you have gone through this many times. Never gets easier, does it? But one sad, lonely, dog, was happier because you opened your home and heart to him.

Yuba thanks you. He thanks you. Oops! his beloved master just threw the ball again. Goodbye, MaxHollyNoah, I shan't forget you!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Feb 5, 2010
Hi kjd,

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I have been trying to justify his sudden death but it is still so hard... I just miss him so much and I feel bad that we could only spend so little time together.

When I was home he followed me everywhere. When I was cooking Monday evening he and Daisy didn't leave by my feet. He wanted to come next to me on the couch but I dragged him down thinking he might not be allowed on the couch at his new home.

He mastered "Sit" copying Holly, Noah and Daisy. We were working on "Stay" but he always wanted to come close to me so it was hard... I think he felt unsecure by separating the only daddy he had in the entire of his life. I could tell he was well loved because he showed no aggression and fearfulness towards anything at all.

He did great when I washed him, trimmed his paws, cleaned his ears, and even when I brushed his tangled long coat... He looked at me with his gentle eyes...

Yuba knew Noah didn't like him to get close to him so he never challenged at him. He was a sensible and mature guy. The only problem he caused me was marking inside the house 3 times on the day I brought him. I reprimanded right at the scene and he looked at me and figured out I was upset with what he had done. He didn't mark at all on the next day.

I wasn't sure how he would take the kittens at first so I brought a kitten in my hands right in front of his nose and told him to be nice. He sniffed at her and wagged his tail. It didn't take long for me to trust him around the kittens.

kjd, I know you lost Zoey unexpectedly just recently yourself. It is so hard to see your beloved one leaving this world. I know Zoey and Yuba are at the better place now but every little thing I see reminds of Yuba and makes me cry... Each and every dog is so special and never be replaceable...so we will just have to enjoy them every moment together. That's the lesson Yuba has taught me...
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Feb 6, 2010
So sorry to hear about Yuba, they enter our hearts so quickly! Even though the pain is difficult the pleasure you gave Yuba makes it worth it. Eventually you'll remember your play times more than the pain. With all the fostering and work with dogs that you do you are truly a dog's best friend and Yuba was fortunate to get to spend his last days with you! Take care and remember pain is fleeting but the good memories last forever.
Posted by kjd
Feb 6, 2010
Isn't that so true, crazycrayonmom! I find more and more that my memories of Zoey don't include the horror of her leaving so soon. And, as I told my mother once, the joy of the time they are with us is well worth the pain when we lose them. (Come to think of it, if there were no joy, there'd be no pain!)