It takes a lot of patience to be patient

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 5, 2010
I got Dundee, my current foster dog, on Thurs. He is a very very timid dog and it's been a big challenge for me to make him comfortable with me.

He is about 1-2 yr old beautiful male Aussie. We think he has been a stray for quite a while and got caught by an animal control and taken to a shelter. I don't have much history of him. He has been licking his left hind paw so I think he has a wound or infection.

When I brought him home on Thurs, he jumped out of my car and ran away as soon as I opened the hatchback! Since my dogs barked from the inside of the house through the window he stopped at once and I could stepped on his leash. I took him to our backyard and let him loose to meet our dogs one by one. It went fine. He is friendly with dogs.

However, I was unsuccessful to catch him or coax him to come inside the house for 2 days! One time when I was offering treats not looking at him, he came closer to me so I grabbed his collar! He screamed and tried to bite my hand. That incident made him more cautious about me.

We decided to give him as much time as he needs to be friendly to us. We just go out on the deck and sit there not looking at him. He slept outside the last 2 nights and he will most likely sleep outside again tonight.

He is warming up slowly and he even slept on the deck for a while when we were all inside the house. He barked a little bit tonight, which is new and shows that he is starting to see this house as his property.

Today we made a big improvement! He got less timid and started getting closer and closer as I was offering the dogs treats without looking a him. With help of my 3 dogs, I could finally trapped him in our utility room this afternoon! Once he got trapped in such small area, he let me put a leash so I took him for walk with Holly, the most confident dog of my 3 dogs. I even used a different leash so that he would associate a good thing with that particular leash. He walked really well on the side of me, unless I make a quick movement, or turn to him too quickly, which made him try to run away. I am glad that I made his collar snuggly before we left for walk.

After we got home, I managed to clip some of his matted hair behind the ears. I wanted wash his wound but I decided not to. I didn't want to do too much too soon.

I think he is now starting to be more comfortable with me and I was able to stand 2 feet away from him when he was eating dinner tonight. He is looking inside through the window, instead of hiding somewhere in the yard. I have to admit that I could not have come this far without my dogs help. Seeing how they interact with me and how much they trust me must have helped Dundee to develop some trust toward me.

Anyway, I am so pleased to see all this improvement. It took me a great deal of patience since I wanted to rush and make him get used to my way sooner. I am so glad that I have a 3 day weekend!

I have learned that it takes a lot of patience to be patient!

Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 6, 2010
What an awesome story!!! Glad its going so well and that you're not giving up at all I love good foster stories, and it sounds like you know what to do in the situation. Hope it keeps going fantastically and Dundee gets a great permanent home!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 6, 2010
Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your encouragement but things are not going as fantastically as I expected.

I could not catch him today just because he got more cautious from yesterday's trapped experience. He has learned a lesson and I taught him the lesson not to go in the utility room even he sees treats on the floor.

Also, I tried to grab his collar again and he bit my hand again. This time it left a mark on my wrist although he didn't break my skin.

I regret what I did. I was not patient enough. Because he seemed to be more comfortable with me I thought he was ready to be put an leash on. It was all my fault. Not only I failed to catch him but also I taught him inadvertently biting (pretending to bite) works.

I have been learning quite a bit on calming signals though. Noah, my dog with fear aggression, and Dundee have been sending calming signals each other to avoid conflicts. Whenever their eye contact meets, they both turn their heads away and walk away. It has been very good lessons for Noah and I am impressed to see that Noah who is on my right side for example goes around to my left side as soon as Dundee comes to my right side.

When I was trying to trap Dundee using treats and foods without looking straight at him, I caught at the corner of my eye that he was yawning and licking his lips as he was walking back and forth looking at the bait. It was such a clear calming signal. I could see his nervousness towards me.

It turned out to be Dundee was a feral dog from Eastern Oregon. He was at the shelter for only 3 days before he got transferred to my fostering organization.

No wonder he is extremely vigilant.I need to understand him better and to be more patient. It might take weeks or even months before he totally trusts me but I am not giving up.
Posted by kjd
Sep 7, 2010
Hi, MaxHollyNoahR

Isn't it the truth? We learn something new with each dog!

I'm glad you have a safe yard for Dundee. You may want to just get him to eat close to you. I imagine he doesn't feel that comfortable eating around people. Based on his fear of you, he has probably been mistreated while on the streets.

It is terribly hard though, isn't it? You want to take care of Dundee (I wish the shelter had looked at that paw before turning him over to rescue), to give him the love he deserves, and the best you can do is ignore him!

Here is wishing you many pleasant days and evenings, so you can spend time outdoors with your dogs. The day WILL come when Dundee will decide it is safer to be one of your pack.

Sunna sends some courage to Dundee,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 8, 2010
Hi kjd,

Thank you for your kind words

>It is terribly hard though, isn't it? You want to take care of Dundee (I wish the shelter had looked at that paw before turning him over to rescue), to give him the love he deserves, and the best you can do is ignore him!

This is so true! I want to do something for him, but I should not since he is not ready yet....

I trapped him again yesterday, this time in my vegetable garden, since he is now skittish about the utility room. I took him for walk again and he liked it. I was hoping that he would now recognize a leash as a good thing but still doesn't

He is still loose in our yard but things are progressing little by little. He even met my kittens and they put noses together. He has no prey drive or scavenger trait fortunately. I don't think he is a real feral dog...

It is raining pretty hard today. This is the first rain since he came to the West Coast from more desert like Easter Oregon. I feel so bad to see him soaking wet. He usually sleeps under the owning but he has been in the rain so that he can see us better through the window. I open the sliding door and invite him but he turns around and go back in the rain. It is so frustrating I wish I can just hug him with a big towel and dry him....

Well, all I need is patience...
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 11, 2010
Yesterday I realized that I had been making a big mistake. I should not have tried to catch him. He is so afraid of getting caught or trapped and I just scared him more by trying to catch him! That was so stupid of me!

That was giving him a message that I was a dangerous person even though I feed him. I knew I should be patient but I was only thinking things from my point of view, not from his...

So, I totally gave up catching him. Instead, I just have been trying to be a "nice person" who only gives him, not takes anything from him.

Guess what!! He had a little breakthrough this morning! When I went outside to see him this morning, he came up to me and let me pet him on his head. Then, this afternoon we had several guests on our deck along with our dogs and kittens (on the leash). Dundee showed mixed feelings, excited to be with our dogs and kittens, interested in people, but still not trusting people...but it worked good for him. He was exposed to so many people in the environment that he is very used to (by this time) and nobody even tried to catch him or touch him just busy with their own conversation and drinks! We all went out for dinner and when we came back he showed his tummy to me and I could finally pet him on his tummy and he let me take his short leash (the last time I caught him I left a foot long leash on him so that it would be easier to catch him later but I could never catch him again). So Dundee and I took a short walk in the dark. He seemed to enjoy it. He is now starting to attach to me and he and I sat down on the deck for a while. He licked my face and he loved to be petted. He finally is becoming the kind of dog I wanted to see!

I took his leash off and he is now loose again in our yard. He still doesn't come inside but it was a big breakthrough between Dundee and me! I am so much looking forward to our days to come
Posted by kjd
Sep 12, 2010
Patience! Patience, MaxHollyNoah!

Today let you pet him; tomorrow he might not want you to even see him!

I think the guests were a big help. Also, if you can just leave the sliding glass door open and then ignore him, he might begin coming in. Just don't close it on him if he does come in. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes months to truly tame him!

But what a wonderful companion he will become!

Sunna sends him licks. She understands how he feels.

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 14, 2010
Hi kjd,

You are so right about "Patience, patience, patience!"

Dundee is doing much much better now. He comes to me in a happy and exciting manner whenever I come out to the deck. He immediately lies down on his tummy in a submissive way (which I don't necessarily like) for attention.

We had a very scary experience! Dundee escaped yesterday afternoon when I was going to take him and Noah for walk! The gate was not quite closed when he came through our vegetable garden and off to the street! He ran around all over our neighborhood in his full speed!

It was totally my carelessness and he is not an escape artist. He could have escaped long before if he really wanted to. He just saw the gate is open and got so excited!

I had his leash on my hand but there was no way I could grab him by his collar since he hates being caught so much! It would be impossible to lure him with treats either since he gets so skeptical when a treat is offered. (what a stinker!)

I immediately switch my dogs (put Noah inside and brought out Holly) and ran after Dundee. He was such an energetic dog! People on the bike path and streets tried to catch him but no way (as you remember!).

Holly and I just walk after him without chasing and as soon as he sees us we ran in the opposite direction calling out loud "Dundee, come on! Let's go home!". We did this for almost half an hour, back and forth in the neighborhood. Finally we got so close to home so I just ran inside through our gate and he followed us!!!!

We were so relieved. I never lost Dundee though. He ran out of my sight many times but never too far and always came back to see if we were following him. He just thought it was more fun way of walks!

Anyway, Holly and I had enough exercise. I need to work on Dundee to become more comfortable getting leashed.

We were impressed and happy to see that Dundee got attached to us and he seems to like living here...

Here is a most recent picture of him.[ATTACH]90[/ATTACH]
Posted by kjd
Sep 14, 2010
Such a sweet looking dog, MaxHollyNoah! I hope you are planning to keep him in your pack.

That first escape was always a big thing with me. I would go out in the car and drive after the dog. If she (only one "he" did I have) came and jumped in the car, I knew I'd never have to worry. I've never done that with Sunna, but she has never gotten out of the yard and always hangs near us when we are out front. Several times, a dog has come by before we realized it, but she's been good about either returning or sitting until I can get her.

My first dog, Freya, before I learned the car trick, once escaped. She led me around the block, then came inside -- like Dundee, she wanted the walk her way!

They are so smart!

A pat on the head to Holly for her part in the Great Dundee Chase!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 18, 2010
Hi kjd,

Dundee and I are getting closer and closer. He now comes to me when I come out to the yard. He gives me kisses and asks for pet whenever he has chances. He still lives outside but considering where he came from (it gets below 20 in the winter) I think Oregon rain and 60 degrees during the night would not hurt him. He seems to be more comfortable being outside.

I had a breakthrough that I wanted to let you know about:

I have been trying to teach Dundee "Sit" but have been unsuccessful. All my past foster dogs learned by looking at Holly, Noah and Daisy, or when I showed a treat and brought it to over his/her head, they sat. It was that easy.

However, Dundee, being so fearful and scared to be caught, whenever I offer him a treat, his escape mode switch turns on

Therefore, I was wondering how I could teach him any commands or tricks. This morning, I came out on the deck and called him. He dashed to me and threw himself in a submissive way (belly up) to be petted. I ignored him (I don't like the submissive gesture) and stood in front of him with one hand on my chest (without offering a treat), then he sat straight in front of me!! It was so cool so I walked a few steps away and did the same thing, he followed me and sat again! Since then, I added a command "Sit" and he has learned his very first command!! I am so proud of him. Just wanted to share this with you and others who are on this forum!

I know it is not a big deal but it is for me and Dundee

See, I have been trying to be patient!!
Posted by kjd
Sep 18, 2010
Not a big deal, MaxHollyNoah?

It's a huge deal! Dundee is actually obeying you! Up until now, I thimk most of your interactions have been on his terms. Now he is seeing you as his leader.

Wow! You must have felt great when that happened! (I know you did because I know how I feel when Sunna "gets it" for much less.)

Keep it up -- Dundee is going to be a magic dog for you,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 21, 2010

Dundee slept in our utility room throughout last night!

It is another big milestone for him. I have been bringing him to the room and feeding him in the room for the last week or so and during the last weekend I had him sleep in there for a few hours (I didn't get much sleep since I was sleeping on the couch outside the utility room).

Finally, last night was the first "all through the night" sleep!

I also have been having him inside our kitchen, tied to me with an umbelical cord. I never used this method before with my foster dogs but decided to try with Dundee, who is still very timid in new environments and also has a tendency to mark everywhere if loose. I am also a bit concerned about his prey drive since he goes nuts when he sees squirrels on our walk. He probably has eaten a squirrel or two when he was a stray. He has been good with my kittens as long as I am controlling him but I am afraid he would be just after my kittens as soon as they take off!

Please see the pictures. It has been 3 wks since I got him and he has made a big progress!
Posted by kjd
Sep 21, 2010

Those are great pictures of him! I didn't realize how close he gets to you to sit. Yes, indeed, you are going to have a great companion!

I was going to ask you what that red thing is around his right leg in the kitchen picture, then I realized it is the grab leash around his neck. How is his leg?

He has come a long way in such a short time -- I am truly amazed at how much you have accomplished!

Please excuse this very short note. I had the cataract taken out of my second eye this morning and am still a bit groggy. (Sunna is so good! She should have been fed about two hours ago and she slept the whole afternoon with me. Not once did she try to get me going.)

No, I cannot leave without one note. Dundee may keep on chasing squirrels and cats, but I think he is learning that YOUR kittens are not in the same category.

A pat on the head and a treat to your whole tribe,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 22, 2010
Hi kjd,

Thank you for your kind note. I really appreciate your encouragement!

I hope your post surgery is going well and you are recovering well with Sunna's help

Please take care of yourself.
Posted by kjd
Sep 28, 2010
Thanks, MaxHollyNoah,

Finally, I can see distances like other people. Now I need reading glasses instead of just taking off my glasses to read, but it is worth it. I put off cataract surgery until I couldn't stand it. Since birth, I've been highly near-sighted. In adult life, my glasses have run between $300 and $600. Between the first eye and the second eye, I dropped by a dollar store and picked up three sets of glasses for a total, including tax, of $3.18!

No more glasses sliding off my nose in the heat or fogging up. No contacts to take out of my eyes.:cool: The only drawback is I now realize those dark circles under my eyes aren't shadows from the glasses!

Sunna has taken very good care of me. Last night, she still had one kibble in her dish when she brought me in to check. I pretended not to see the one piece, praised her, and gave her the regular treat. Within ten minutes, she took me back in to show me her dish was now completely clean -- that last kibble was gone! Hah! I may be dumb, but not THAT dumb. No treat. (So today, she presented me with an empty dish at the end of both meals.) I'm wondering whether she is keeping a blog; she is too smart!

How is Dundee doing?

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 28, 2010
Hi kjd,

Welcome back! I am glad that you can see better now.

I just cannot do without my reading glasses so I have a pair of glasses everywhere in the house, in the office, in the car, in my purse...

I think Sunna just tested if you could see better after the surgery

Dundee is continuing to get better. Now he likes to come inside whenever I am home. During the day he is outside since we think he would be happier to be outside rather than being confined in the small utility room. I am still uncomfortable about having him around the kittens unsupervised and also I am concerned that he would mark inside the house (there are a lot of peed spots by former foster dogs too). He is fine when he is tied to me. He sleeps in the utility room straight without any fusses or accidents. In that sense he is housebroken.

He will be neutered this Wed and his dew claws will be removed at the same time. I treated his wound on his paw and removed his matted scab behind his ear. He let me touch most of his body now. I am so happy to see him trusting me and listening to me.

My dog training instructor pointed out that I had been getting the best lessons through this experience! I totally agree with her. I am so grateful that Dundee came to me for his transition. I have learned alot as well as reassured that the most important thing between dogs and owners is "trust". It is not asserting dominance or Alpha status. Dogs don't listen to you, or look for guidances from you if they don't trust you.

Dundee now comes in and out our utility room by his own choice. He still wears the short red leash, which is almost like a moral support for him. For a while, I had to tug the short leash to make him come inside the house, then I only had to slightly touch it, and now I don't need to do anything. Everything is a routine.

The only problem (of course he is still very coward and fearful to anything new - new people, new sound, new area, etc. but I am sure he will get used to those) I have now is his PULLING the leash, especially when he sees squirrels. I have been trying a Halti collar and front harness. My instructor told me that gentle leader is better designed than halti so I might invest a gentle leader. I am stubborn about the use of those devices on my own dogs but I will take advantage of them on Dundee before my shoulder gets out of socket

Please see a couple of recent pictures of Dundee! He is eating a rawhide.
Posted by kjd
Sep 29, 2010
Thanks for the suggestion, MaxHollyNoah. I see the doctor for my one-week checkup Wednesday and will stop by the dollar store for more glasses. Meanwhile, I have one on clips around my neck.

Your kitten doesn't seem to be afraid of Dundee at all. Cats are usually pretty canny about whether a dog is safe or not, aren't they?

Trust over dominance, yes! That is why they became our friends thousands of years ago they learned to trust us. I think it took cats a lot longer they are still a bit wary.

You can learn a lot from the Dog Whisperer, but I have seen some dogs shaking when they are in his "calm, submissive" state. I thought they were more "scared, submissive."

Every new dog is a new training experience. I don't want an aggressive dog, but I like them a bit assertive. Sunna was very submissive in the beginning; now she can be a bit pushy. I shove her away and she pushes right back. It is a game and we both enjoy it.

Dundee is not the same dog you took into your yard. You can go back and read your first descriptions of him and see how far he has come. He looks like such a neat dog.

Good luck to him on his surgery,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 30, 2010
Hi kjd,

Dundee's surgery went well today and he is recovering well. He is still quite drowsy because they had to give him post surgery sedatives since he was so frantic after waking up from his anesthesia.

When I went to pick him up at the clinic, I was told he howled continuously and banging around the cage to escape. In fact he managed to open the small door of the cage and came out through it!

Then, he chewed up the elizabeth collar so he was given more sedatives and moved out of the cage. When I got there, he was just lying down on a blanket without an elizabeth collar. He seemed settled.

I think he was so upset and freaked out to be put in a small cage. That bothered him more than anything else, like a stenophobia.

Once we came home, he let me put the elizabeth collar on without making any fusses and has been resting in our utility room, which is his familiar place. He even ate some food and no throwing up.

The vet suggested he might need to take Prozac after seeing his behaviors but I don't think so. He is a fine dog as long as he is in a familiar place. It will just take more time for him than usual dogs. Again, patience, patience
Posted by kjd
Sep 30, 2010

When I was 5, I had my appendix out. This was before they allowed parents to stay with their children and I was on an adult floor. I did a lot of screaming:eek: that first night and believed every adult in the hospital (with one exception) was a liar.

Dundee trusts you. Maybe not completely, but certainly more than any other human. Of course the poor boy was frantic! He woke up in a strange place and you were not there.:confused: Strange people kept doing strange, uncomfortable things to him.

Had they not sedated him so much, I think they would have seen a remarkable change in his demeanor when he saw you.

It was over 35 years before I stayed in a hospital again. I was older, so understood what happened at 5, and I got to control some of the hospital experience. But I still have a knee-jerk suspicion of doctors (even though one of my brothers is one). Dundee may recover faster than I did, but your vet may be right. You may have to sedate him when he goes to the vet.

Poor Dundee! I am so glad he is able to stay with you while recuperating. Not only will it be easier for him, but I think it will help increase his trust in you.

Sunna sends him licks,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 4, 2010
Hi kjd,

Yesterday I took Dundee to Petsmart and Petco.

Of course he tried hard not to get in the car since his last car ride gave him a lot of Ouches I had to pick him up and put him in the car.

Inside the car, he was restless looking out the windows (of course I did a child lock of all the windows) When we got to Petsmart, he hesitated to get down but I could manage to get him out and walk into the store, where he met my instructor and other dogs and their owners. Good thing is that he loves other dogs! He was still shy to people and he was too nervous to take treats from them but he didn't try to run off or anything like that. Just one accident but no markings as long as I have his leash to keep his away from any objects, especially poles that are full of dogs' pees.

Then, we went back to the car, he jumped in the car on his own!!

That shows that my car has become a (relatively) comfortable place for him.

We went to Petco and did the same thing. He jumped into the car again!

So, I stopped at Trader Joes to pick up my kittens food, leaving him in the car by himself. He waited for me withoug chewing up the car, or going panic! He is definitely gaining his confidence by clearing these challenges.

I am so proud of him
Posted by kjd
Oct 4, 2010
Congratulations, Dundee!

So now you are taking obedience classes. That is a great step for you. Don't you love it when your mother has to concentrate on you -- real quality time.

A hint: when you start by refusing to take treats from other people, you can usually con them for even more treats later on! Also, don't be too quick on learning a new command -- you want your mother to keep on feeding those treats.

Take it from one who knows: I even get treats for eating my dinner!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 5, 2010
Thank you for the tips, Sunna I will remember that when I go to Petco or Petsmart again.

I am not taking obedience class. My mom cannot afford those classes but she is teaching me at home. This is much better because I still get nervous at places I am not familiar with. I have mastered "Sit" and "Down". My mom is now teaching me "Stay" but it is a bit difficult for me because I am tied to her with an umbilical cord and when she steps back I want to go with her.

I hope I can live here for good but I heard that I would have to live with another person starting next week for a couple of weeks. My mom will go to a place called Japan. She said she would come pick me up but I will miss her... I will try my best.

Posted by kjd
Oct 6, 2010
Good luck, Dundee.

I have convinced my mother that she should stay home with me, no matter what. Whenever she gets that LOOK and starts to talk about "trip," I come over and tell her how much I love her and how horrible everyone else is! (Of course, they give me treats, but I make sure she forgets that.) So far, it has worked. While your mother is gone, you should practice looking especially adorable, so she never leaves again!

Humans are so strange. Did you ever notice how much time they waste talking to a small piece of plastic when they could be playing with us?:rolleyes: Maybe we would get more attention if we could ring!

Well, you probably won't be able to use the computer at this other person's place, so I'll save some computer bones to send you once your mother gets back to where she belongs. Meanwhile, tell her my mother says "Hi!" and "Have a great time!" Humans!!!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 6, 2010
Hi kjd,

I thought you were a man all this time so I got shocked to see Sunna referring you as "my mom":eek:

Oh my Gosh! I am so sorry (for what? I don't know...) but I need sometime to reconstruct your image in me.

I hope I was not the only one who thought you were a man

Well, it explains it in a way, we share same views on dogs a lot
Posted by kjd
Oct 7, 2010
No problem, MaxHollyNoah,

You can spend some of your time on the plane reconstructing my image.

I like my signature, kjd, because it says nothing about me. When I got an offer for a domain name with my whole name, I responded: "Why not one with my address, age, and annual income!" With all these social networking sites, people are spreading too much of themselves around. I like a bit of privacy. Note I've been online more than a year before Sunna spilled the beans.

No need for you to be embarrassed or sorry, but I do wonder whether I should consider it an insult or a compliment.

Do enjoy your trip and enjoy the Japanese dogs,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 27, 2010
Hi kjd,

I left Dundee with another foster while I was gone to Japan. She is a dog trainer and has 2 dogs already and she lives in an apartment. Therefore, Dundee was on a leash every time he went outside. Inside the apartment, he was on a leash too and slept in a crate.

It was good that he was given good structures and he did great!

Now that I have him back, he is more like an ordinary dog who wants to play with a toy or ball, and even to wrestle with Holly, one of my dogs!

I still have him on a leash but not tied to me. He is just dragging the leash all over. It helps to remind him that he is not totally loose so that he doesn't go after my kittens at the full speed.

He is very affectionate and wants my attention when I am around but he is quiet when he is confined in our utility room or in the crate.

The biggest and the only problem is the walk. He still goes crazy and pulls me all over in all directions when he spots a squirrel:mad: I have pain in my shoulders and arms and my knees. It is so tiring to walk him even half a mile...

Other than that, he is so good and I think he will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. It already makes me cry when I think of him leaving me but this is something I have to go through with every foster dog.

It is so nice to be back home
Posted by kjd
Nov 4, 2010
Welcome back, MaxHollyNoah,

I'm not surprised Dundee was happy to see you! And is behaving well. I wonder, however, whether he will maintain his progress or regress once he is sure you aren't going to disappear again?

That's a great picture of him being "killed" by one of his foster buddies!

The forum was very quiet while you were gone. I think even the newbies were waiting for you to return.

How was Japan?

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 3, 2010
Hi kjd,

Haven't seen you on this forum for a while but I just wanted to give you some update on Dundee.

It has been exactly 3 months today since I got him and he has come a long way and he is now a happy indoor dog.

We even took Dundee to Grandma's house along with our 3 dogs for the Thanksgiving. He did great with all the people (over 20 people at the dinner!). Grandma and her friends who visited us and met Dundee in September were so surprised to see the big difference!

He has gained his confidence as he as become housebroken, crate-trained, familiar with his daily routine and has mastered some basic commands, such as “Sit” “Down” “Wait” and “Come”! You can see a big difference in his recent picture.

He is very well-mannered and respects our dogs and kittens inside the house.

His only issue is that he still pulls too much on his walk and he has a strong obsession with squirrels! I have been working on this issue and have been training him to walk with a gentle leader. I think in a week or two he will be walking nicely by my side.

Now that he has been with us for almost 3 months, we are very attached to him (and of course he is very attached to us and our animals as well). However, this is not his forever home and we need to find his own family. He is very good with other dogs and at least with our cats since they have been living together. He has joined in the pack. Even our Noah, who hates other dogs of his size or bigger, can lay down next to Dundee by now (see the attached picture).

Obviously, I am not trying to get rid of him. I don’t mind taking time to find a right family for him. I am sure I will find someone who has been looking for a very affectionate, loyal, smart, and respectful companion. Dundee will be a perfect candidate!

from Dundee's proud foster mom
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 15, 2010
Hi kjd and everybody!

Last week Dundee finally found a wonderful home that he can call his own family! Sandra and Sean, along with their sons Eian and Declan and their dog Cheyenne, welcomed Dundee as a new addition to their family. They said the boys love Dundee and their very energetic Cheyenne has become calmer after Dundee came to her life. Here is a quote from Sandra’s mail next day after I delivered Dundee to them:

>Dundee already is loved so much by all of us! I can't believe my prayers were answered so quickly. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done to adjust to humans. I promise he will love living here!

Another message from Sandra after having Dundee for a week says:

>He is sleeping well at night and able to stay in living room with Cheyenne while we are work. No accidents.

Thank you again for our beautiful addition to our family.
He is smitten with Sean! Does not like to leave his side!!

These comments really make me happy! Yes, I do miss Dundee but I am so happy for him and so proud of his accomplishment! I know he is a wonderful dog!
Posted by kjd
Feb 7, 2011

I just looked at those last two pictures of Dundee -- I love his face! He is gorgeous.

Releasing a foster to his forever home must be a little bit like losing one. He's still alive, but he leaves a hole in your heart. OTOH, just wait until you cross that Rainbow Bridge and tens of dogs crowd around to escort you onwards!

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Feb 8, 2011
Welcome back to the forum, kjd!!

We all missed you

Early January I went to visit Dundee at his new home one month after he got adopted.

Dundee looked great!! Sandra told me that was the first time he barked when someone at the door when I came to the door. One of their sons were told to hold him back to surprise me. He knew it was me!! He kissed all over me!

The boys showed me where Dundee sleeps (on Declan’s bed) and I could tell that he fits in the family very nicely and he has been loved by all of them, including their grandma, who is very picky about dogs! Dundee is now called Duncan, by the way.

I felt a little empty on my way home. I should be happy but in the mean time I realized that Dundee didin't need me any longer. My role was completed.

Since then, I only fostered one more dog. It has been a bit difficult since one of our kittens is very sensitive and starts peeing elsewhere when she is stressed so we are trying to take a little break. I would love to foster more so this is a dilemma.

Anyway, I am so glad that you are back