Must Feel The Love...

Posted by Risa
Aug 7, 2010
It's already school time and I have loads to do at the computer, since I don't have time to play with him, I suddenly lack my relationship with my little rascal now. I know that some of you will say that there's no reason why I should spend time with him but the thing is that whenever I play with him, I want him to feel I'm playing with him but at the same time I was thinking, Does he even LOVE me? I can't feel our love together anymore, I just have lots of summative not even in weekends I could spend time with him, I feel ashamed of myself for not playing with him because since school started I rarely spent time with him, I want him to care about me because some times I thought how to make him understand that he plays with me, when he was outside he looked at me by the window and thought, do you love me? Now he is about 4 months old but he could bite! Whenever I want to pet him, he wants to bite me! I did the biting trick from the book but I don't know why he was doing that. Does this mean he doesn't love me? How can I spend time with him when I have loads of work? Most people would think it's not much but I guarentee that if whoever knows my everyday work they would surely much understand since it's way more then you think it is.
Posted by kjd
Aug 7, 2010
Ah, Risa,

He is a puppy and he loves you. He needs lots of exercise and, without you, he isn't getting it. He keeps asking you to play with him the only way he knows how -- he bites!

School is tough and I know kids have lots less time than when I was your age. But try to take a break every couple of hours -- it isn't good for you to spend constant hours at the computer. Take a ten minute break and play with him. Get, or make, a tug toy so he has something to bite while playing with you. Throw a ball. And, when you leave him, make sure he has a bone or something to chew on. Sometimes you cannot play for long stretches, sometimes they have to be short. But ten minutes when you get home from school, maybe while you are grabbing a snack, and ten minutes every two hours you are studying, they'd help both you and him. You'd go back to the computer refreshed, with your mind clear. Sometimes, that problem you were struggling with will suddenly have a clear answer!

Does he get to come in the house? If so, take a little longer to dress in the morning, and to get ready for bed at night, by rolling a ball and letting him chase it. While he's chasing, you are putting on a sock or taking off your shoe. All the while, you can be talking to him and telling him what a great dog he is. Or you could practice obedience commands with him -- tell him to sit while you do one thing; praise him if he stays; then call him to you. Now get him to down while you wash your face. And so on.

If you can fit in the time on the weekends, take him for long walks and talk to him.

Remember, for him, everything is play. Being with you is what he wants. So try to fit him in. But don't have him with you while you are actually studying. Take your mind off him and he'll be in trouble! So only bring him in when you are doing things that let you keep your eyes and mind on him.

Think you can do any of this?
Posted by Risa
Aug 8, 2010
You might have a point, the thing is that I only do summatives which is actually due 2 weeks later, kjd's got a really good point, okay then, I will try playing with him after my resting time for around 10 minutes then I will play with him for a while, but will he stop biting me? Never mind but he isn't allowed in the house since my mom built the floor using marbles and she wouldn't let me drop a single soda on it! Since he is just 4 months old I don't know if he is fully housebroken YET but he's doing fine for the time being. I praise God for opening this wonderful forum.