New Baby...old dog :)

Posted by Annie
Aug 24, 2009
Hi everybody,

I´ve been a bit quiet on the Forum the last few months as we moved house and I had our 3rd baby boy

Joey, our Husky mix is settling in great in the new neighbourhood ( lots of cats :eek and she is getting used to the loud and often unpredictable new baby. She is very happy with the baby but also quite nervous of doing the wrong thing....lots of baby ear licking and tail wagging, but she will not settle by baby or step over him etc....but she´s getting more relaxed (me too!). She´s started to sleep right next to our bed, and will sleep there only when the kids go to or night...very cute.

When the baby crys she goes to check on him, then comes to find me and cocks her head and wimpers, then back to the cot to check.... i find this wonderful, and makes me realise there are so many things that you can´t train, but when your dog is happy and respectful, she will do so many things that are helping the family.

I´ll also say that my wonderful dog is never alone with the kids...she never has access to the baby sleeping or awake without me watching, and my older ones never play with her matter how wonderful she is, I won´t take any chances with my babies. Sometimes a dog has to react in a way she may not want to.

So now I have more time back on the computer, normally with one hand
as you can see from the photo, she´s happy to watch over...but she ain´t getting too close !

Annie & Joey
and the boys
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 26, 2009
Hi Annie,
Congratulations! For your baby boy and for having such a lovely four-legged companion.
What a gorgeous picture!
All the best to all of you and it's nice to have you back on the forum.
Posted by kjd
Aug 26, 2009
Congratulations, Annie.

I bet you get lots of sleep now! Having Joey watch out for the baby for you is great -- just wait until the baby learns he can use Joey to get you to come!

Posted by Annie
Aug 27, 2009
you´re right! the babies just have to call the dogs name and head off with a water pistol for me to be racing after them, hoping to rescue the dog! they´ve never seen mum move so fast ! but the best trick is shrieking at each other...but if i see the dog relaxed under a tree, safe, then they can yell all they want

I really really love a dog for the kids. Family walks are so much fun and our 3 yr old can really throw the Kong a long way for our tollerant dog...they have to always be nice and kind to Joey and i think they learn a lot!