New Member Greetings from Costa Rica

Posted by Finca-Perlitas
Jan 23, 2010
Hi, I've just joined today after purchasing Daniel Stevens dog training materials. Originally from Florida, I've been a permanent resident of Costa Rica for almost 10 years. My Costa Rican stepdaughter is a professional groomer and owns a grooming salon, pet supply shop and veterinary clinic.

We live near San Jose, the capital of CR, but also have a small finca (ranch) of about 15 arces where we primarily keep horses and use for weekend getaways.

We own a number of dogs - 2 miniature french poodles, 1 standard poodle, 2 golden retreivers, and one crossbred golden retreiver/chowchow.

I look forward to participating in the forums.
Posted by kjd
Jan 24, 2010

Welcome to the forum!