New Pictures of Sunna

Posted by kjd
Aug 20, 2010
I added an album: Sunna sleeping around.

Normally, Sunna notices when I take a picture and gets a serious expression on her face. These are three pictures I managed to take while she wasn't looking. We just bought the white bed today.

Please realize: she has an open crate with pillow in the bedroom and another open crate with pillow downstairs. She also has at least two mats upstairs and another downstairs. She gets to sleep wherever she wants. This closet is in the office and I think she only sleeps in it when I am at the computer.

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 21, 2010
Hi kjd,

I am glad that you added some pictures of Sunna on your album!
The first picture really made me laugh
She is a lady and doesn't want her bottom shown to the public!!

As you take more and more pictures of her, she will get used to be taken pictures of. My Holly is a good model since she always look at me. Noah has sometimes his eyes closed. Daisy likes pictures too.

I am going to add more my kittens pictures soon.

Have a nice weekend!
Posted by Risa
Aug 21, 2010
Where could you see it? It seems so exciting! :eek:
Posted by kjd
Aug 21, 2010
Click on my name in this message. It will take you to my profile where you will see the albums. Click on the album name.

Have fun!

Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 22, 2010
She's so gorgeous! I love her lying in the closet, dogs do some silly stuff
Posted by Risa
Aug 23, 2010
Oh my! Sunna is so adorable!