Proud Parent!!

Posted by LuvmyPitbull
Jul 15, 2011
I love my baby girl and I get compliments all the time about how gorgeous she is so I thought I'd share my love with those of you that will appreciate it!

This is Alice. She is a female, spayed, 1yr old, American Blue Pit-bull. I got her from my ex-husband when we discovered I cannot have kids-the only thing I wanted in the entire world! Needless to say, the news came very very hard to me (I'm 23yrs, found out at age 21...). So I got Alice right at 7-8 weeks. She has helped me heal my broken heart and for that I am truly grateful.

That last picture is her watching Disney's [I]The Fox & The Hound[/I] of her favorite movies...besides Disney's [I]Oliver & Company[/I]!!

Replies are appreciated but not expected, I just wanted to share the joy of my life.
Posted by misskris
Jul 15, 2011
omg! she's sooooo cute! love!

Glad that she's helped provide therapy for you. Dogs are the best therapy, aren't they? They never talk back, they love you no matter what, and they are always happy to see you. I wish we could marry dogs instead of men! HAHA joking.

very cute!
Posted by LuvmyPitbull
Jul 15, 2011
I very much agree!!! hahaha!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 16, 2011
She is adorable! Such a beauty. I'm so glad you are having a good time training with her, I hope it continues to be an awesome time for the both of you!

On a different note, I saw another post that you were feeling a bit discouraged about this forum because of lack of response lately. I just want to apologize from me for being a bit lackluster in support lately. I've been out of the country and only checking every few days, so I know I personally have been slack. Its not my usual manner, so dont feel that the rest of us are just ignoring you!

I hope you continue to post up here, I love how many people use this outlet for help with their dogs, and really enjoy reading other peoples' stories.

Thanks for the pictures! Such a cutie!
Posted by LuvmyPitbull
Jul 29, 2011
Well, Alice is taking her 1st "long" car trip today! She loves car rides but the longest one shes been on is about 30min, todays ride will be about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs...We'll see how it goes. She's never stayed in a hotel either so this is a totally new experience for her! WISH US LUCK!!!