Sunna, BN

Posted by kjd
Nov 25, 2013
Sunna was to be my obedience dog. Of course, she first needed a PAL (Pedigree Alternate Listing) from the AKC to show in AKC trials. A friend took the two necessary pictures and emailed them to me. I found out I could register by email and finally registered a rescue dog!

In the fall of 2012, we went to our first trials. You may remember that Sunna has a problem with the recall. She did perfectly in Beginner Novice (OK, maybe she didn't always sit when I stopped) until we got to the recall. She started towards me, then ran out of the ring! At first, I thought she had goofed, then realized I should have called her a second time.

The next day, I was ready and called that second time. We got our first leg and she came in 2nd, I think.

A month later, our second two trials. One exercise is to sit the dog, tell her to stay, then walk around the ring. This time, she decided to join me on my walk. However, she did a perfect recall, which had me so happy I didn't care that she didn't qualify. The next day, we got our second leg and she came in first!

I had to wait till this year for the next set of trials. (All of these took place at the same location and were one on Saturday and one on Sunday.) She qualified on Saturday for the first time! Came in third with her third leg and a new title! Sunday, she qualified, coming in fourth, for her last trial.

One thing I noticed was how much confidence she gained over these trials. In the beginning, she was upset if I left her side. By the last trials, she was sleeping in her crate and would let me wander off without any problem.

Thus, Sunna, my obedience dog, got her first, and only, title.