Who is alpha dog....really

Posted by Glenn
May 13, 2011
This morning at 6am going around the garden using a plastic bag over my hand to pick up our puppies crap, which was more than a dozen as he is still a puppy and poo's about 6 times a day. At the time he was locked up in the house as he makes a game of bitting and pulling the plastic bags when I am cleaning up, and that is not such a fun game concidering the contents in the bag. While doin this I had the following thought......

Does my puppy really think that I am the alpha dog?!
I walk through door entrances first
I decide when to feed him
I ignore him when he is being naughty
On rare occassions I isolate him when he is extremely naughty
I sleep on the 'higher ground'
He gets his toys when I decide to give them to him
He gets cuddled when I want to cuddle him

I do all of the above and more, BUT, I will always be the one picking up his crap (both hot and cold ones)!!

I can just imagine his thoughts about who the alpha dog really is as he watches me through the window picking up his crap one by one, day by day!
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 15, 2011
Hey Glenn,

Haha, good point, but I dont think dogs really understand what we're doing when we doing our "toilet rounds". Im sure the tugging and biting at the bags is just puppy play, because you have something in your hand that you're constantly bringing close to the ground - its not an indication of him acting up.

It sounds like youre doing everything right for alpha training, and I'm sure your pup understands that you are above him. Keep up the good work!
Posted by betsy-french
Aug 16, 2019
Hey Glenn,
Try a small shovel instead! That's what we use for our 2 dogs. Works great! And don't you wonder if they think we are the best EVER alpha when we bring home those groceries each week?! LOL!