World Champion of Housebroken!!!

Posted by kjd
Dec 25, 2009
This latest heavy snow in the DC area reminds me of another one, when I couldn't get home.

Halla was a small GSD in her teens. She was accustomed to my leaving her at 6 or 7 and returning at 5. She was also on self-feeding, so there was always food and water around (I kept a laundry bowl filled with water upstairs, her regular water dish downstairs).

After I left that morning, it began to snow. For Washington, it was a very deep snow. We got out a few hours early and hopped in my car. Well, I needed new tires. We got to a hill I couldn't get up. Had the car towed back to the office, where I could park underground. The two riders tried to get home via Metro. Since I worked in the computer division, there were computer operators around 24/7. They got me dinner when they walked out for their own. I slept on the floor in one of the offices. The next morning, the streets were plowed enough I was able to get home.

I had called my parents, who lived a few blocks from me, and told them NOT to try to care for Halla. She had food and water and I'd clean up anything that needed to be cleaned up.

I was finally able to enter my house about 29 HOURS after I'd left it. I met a dog very eager to go out. There was no mess in the house. I don't know how she managed! I certainly couldn't have gone that long.

So, I present Halla as the Champion of Housebroken!

Posted by crazycrayonmom
Dec 25, 2009
Halla is the Champion! So . . . what does a dog look like walking around with it's legs crossed?