Zoey Has Bloat

Posted by kjd
Oct 8, 2009
I took Zoey into my vet this morning because she was crying and looking hangdog. By the time I got there, the problem was obvious -- bloat! She went in for emergency surgery.

The surgeon just called to say her entire stomach was bruised and would I like her to be euthanized now or wait and see if her stomach recovers. I've opted for giving her a chance.

Please keep her in your prayers. I really love this dog.

Posted by Annie
Oct 9, 2009
thinking of you all...good luck
Posted by kjd
Oct 10, 2009
Even though her entire stomach was bruised and they had to remove the spleen, we gave Zoey time to see if she could pull through. Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, she had to be put down. The stomach was simply dying off.

We don't know why she got bloat -- she hadn't eaten much that morning. She went from a happy, hyper dog in the morning to a dead dog the next day. In the ten months she was with us, she made many friends. She loved people and they loved her back.

I still cannot believe she is gone. I was looking forward to at least 6 years with her (she would have been 7 in November). So sudden.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 12, 2009
Hi kjd,

I am very sorry to hear that Zoey could not make it.
You must be really lost because it all happened so sudden without any warnings. I think you did a right thing and Zoey is now resting in peace.

7 years seems not long enough but you would never think any time long enough.

I am sure Zoey had a wonderful life to be part of your family and she will continue to live with you in your heart. My thoughts are with you....
Posted by vmullicacomcastnet
Feb 13, 2010
Iam so sorry for your loss, Iam sure Zoey had a great life.No word can take the pain away, I know I lost my Saint Bernard Baby 4 years ago never thought I would get another dog after that it was heart breaking,she died in my arms,she was a joy to have and I loved her to death,There is not a day that goes by even now that I don't think of her,she will be with me always,just like Zoey will be with you.I now have three dogs,a German Shepard , a Labordoodle , and I just got a baby Great Dane 12 weeks old. No one will ever take her place,she was special. I love these three and would do anything for them they are so spoiled and I love it . In time you find yourself wanting to get another dog,it won't replace Zoey but it does have great rewards.Good Luck.