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Posted by trace780
Jan 21, 2012
Hi Everyone, i have just got a new puppy, 6weeks old. I know that is very young but mum refused them. She is very clever and very affectionate. Is there anything i can do to help my little one become a well behaved balanced puppy as she would have been if still with her mum and siblins. Any suggestions would be appreciated and i dont mind getting down and growling and barking lol.
Posted by Saint-Crazy-Lady
Jan 27, 2012
Hi Mum, where the pup is still way to young so have around other dogs it is all on you. Now is a perfect time to start training and establishing your role as alpha. Make training sessions short as the attention span at this age is short. Try not to set pup up for a fail. Allow for lots of play time. If pup gets to rough, yelp like siblings would and walk away for a minute. This is how they learn. Try to steer clear of any type of besting play i.e. tug of war as it encourages competitive nature to dominate. While it is a natural type of play for dogs it can be detrimental in raising a well socialized pup. It can always be introduced later on. Mini obstacle courses using things around the house are good. Balls are always great and talk to pup. Build a vocabulary with her. Name toys and see if you can ask for each specific toy to be brought. Bond, train and enjoy each other while it is still just you and pup. Keep in mind that as pup grows into a dog you or someone will have to do things with and for pup like checking teeth, grooming and clipping nails. Get pup used to all of these things now while young and impressionable. Make them a happy, positive experience. Like 2 leggeds, the time you can have them all to yourself is short so make every moment count. Dogs need other dogs but until pup is old enough to safely be around other dogs you have a wonderful opportunity to grow this pup into a wonderful companion.
Congratulations to you SCL
Posted by KOPCaroline
Feb 2, 2012
Hi trace,

I agree with everything above! Great advice!

Puppies really need a lot of social interaction, so I'd also suggest enrolling in puppy preschool once your little dude is fully vaccinated - you can get even more good puppy raising tips from there as well!

Start training early, as said above, and train lots for short periods of time (again a repeat, haha). This is the easiest way to see results with new arrivals. Work on name recognition first - thats usually a simple enough task Then come, sit, and stay are usually close on the list of puppy training.

If you need any more advice, we're always here to help keep us updated, would love to hear how things are going!
Posted by hrisidenska
Feb 3, 2012
thanks for sharing great job + rep
Posted by trace780
Mar 4, 2012
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the advice, its been very helpful My little baby has turned into a 12 and a bit week old little bundle of joyful monster!!! I have been blessed with the most clever, happy and lovable pup ever! (wont talk to soon:rolleyes.
Anyway, i have done everything i can to help her along and she is doing everything such as walks, doggy friends, sit, down, high fives, paws, rollovers, sleeps (paws over head ha ha). We have even started puppy classes. I have even managed to avoid seperation anxiety which i was worried about as i am on my own now and do have to leave her sometimes. I think i did confuse her with the house training though as she was pee pad training and getting a little lazy with it so i just took it all away and watch her like a hawk at the moment, she tells me that she is unsure what to do but i would say is about 90% there . Once she has that sussed, then i think ive made it with her. She is just the most awesomest awesome little thing ever!!!
Big thanks to you for the advice, i love the forum xxx