Posted by roberta-post
May 7, 2009
Would like to move a dog from Africa to EU. Apparently dogs are allowed into the EU with the chip and pin system, spending 6 months under house arrest, boarding with a family until deemed rabies free for travel to stricter countries like UK and Ireland. Has anyone tried this?????
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 11, 2009
Hi there,
no I haven't, but I know someone who has taken a dog from the States to Europe and it is quite an involved process.
Good luck with it.
Posted by Annie
Aug 15, 2009
hi there,
I know a dog that spent 3 years in South Africa before coming back to germany again, does this help? if so, I´ll try to get more details for´s hard but not immpossible
Posted by kjd
Aug 16, 2009
That information should be useful, Annie. I don't think a distinction is made between a dog that is moving back and a dog coming in for the first time.