our girl Joey and little friend

Posted by Annie
Mar 27, 2008
Hi friendly folks
Here´s Joey the dog with our little fella Sam. Joey has to tolerate a lot of kisses and cuddles at the moment, but in return the little guy Sam carries her food bowl to be filled up and presents it to her. He then sits on his butt on the floor and watches as she eats the whole thing continually making encouraging noises like 'mmmmm...ah..mmmmm' ( as if she needs encouragement!) when she is finished eating Sam inspects the bowl and assists with any other problems she may have ( napkin,water etc)
It´s a nice pay off for the dog as she can also inspect the babys eating, however she is encouraging him to drop more on the floor
It´s a funny old life here!
hope others are also having a laugh with thier four legged friends...
Posted by Blue
Mar 27, 2008
Very cute
They both look very happy and healthy! Plenty of food to go around with a baby dropping it onto the floor!
Joey is a beautiful dog!