She won't stop barking in car

Posted by kyle-gray
Sep 23, 2013
I have a 7yr.old female maltesse For the life of me I've never been able to keep her quiet when I have to leave her in the car, it's quite embarrassing at times the whole time l'm away she's barking like crazy, please help
Kyle G.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Sep 24, 2013
Hi Kyle,

Thank you for writing in to us and sorry to hear about your situation.

From what you tell me, you dog could be barking because of two reasons: separation anxiety or excitement. Would you be able to tell me which one is more likely to be the issue? Does she love car rides or does she bark even if you leave her in the car for a few minutes in your own yard?

Once we have established which one of the two it is, I shall you options to try and correct the said behaviour.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Posted by kyle-gray
Sep 27, 2013
My 7 yr.old maltesse suzy loves to go for rides in the cars she sits very good even in the parking lot of our apartment bldg. But once I walk away there she goes bark bark barkbark.then when we go walking and she sees another dog big, small, male or female she acts like she's ready to kill no joke! It's like she has completely blocked me out, even if l pull her leash she's try amd free herself to het to that dog, what's a mom to do. I've never had a problem with dogs before, I'm 61 and had dogs as long as I can remember can u pleaseeee help? I'm not getting any younger how long must this go on
Posted by Preethi KOP
Sep 29, 2013
Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your prompt reply, it will certainly help me attempt to solve your problem.

Excessive barking is a problem faced by many owners and the key to solving it lies in two main criteria-
a) Having an obedient pet- This means training Suzy to lie down even when she is most excited. Does she bark when she knows that you are taking her out? If so, say for example when you go to pick up her leash, put it back down, wait for her to be completely quiet and only when this occurs, give her some praise/reward and take her out.
b) Never tell her off for the barking in the car- the fact that you are returning to the car/looking at her is inadvertently rewarding her for barking, she is getting what she wants- your attention. So, you are best to ignore the behaviour, wait for her to quieten down and then reward her with your attention.

- As for your issues while walking her, have you tried using a head halter such as the gentle leader? These are usually quite effective.
- Also, if she is a dog who loves her toys, you could try distracting her with one while you're away from the car.
- Another thing to consider would be getting some kind of protective screen for your car windows(curtains/sun visor) or even organise a crate in your car that you can put her in with some form of covering. It might help calm her down. I am not sure about the legalities of having car curtains, please verify this before getting any.
- Lastly how about putting a muzzle on her while you're away from the car? Get her used to it prior to trying it out in the car, she may panic otherwise.

Please have a read through the alpha training book, it will give you more insight as to how to go about having full command over your pet's actions.

Good luck to you and Suzy! I hope you are able to rectify the problem.

Kind regards,
Posted by sandra-roth
May 31, 2017
I just posted about my dog, Harper who goes crazy in the car acting like a mad dog, then I read other people's problems which are their dogs bark when alone in the car. My problem is the opposite Harper is out-of-control in the car but if I leave him alone in the car he will sit straight up and not make a peep no matter how many people or dogs pass.
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jun 2, 2017
Hi Sandra,

Thanks for writing in.

It sounds like your dog is just very excited in the car with you. I would advise getting Harper used to a crate and using this in your car (only once he is used to being crated).

Getting him well-exercised, having some dog appeasing pheromones and training him to sit and stay will all help him learn to settle in the car.

Good luck with the training!
Posted by sandra-roth
Jun 8, 2017
The crate would work great except Harper is huge over 165 pounds, i don't think I could get a crate into my car are there any other suggestions