car barking

Posted by sandra-roth
May 31, 2017
Harper my two-year-old shepherd loves to go by-by in the car, but the minute he gets into the car he breaths hard, drools, whimpers, and barks madly at any person or dog he sees. he does calm down over time. He is so out-of-control he once shattered my window banging into it. I repeat he loves going by=by and loves to go places. I have tried the word 'Quiet' with a treat but he only stops long enough to get the treat.
Posted by sandra-roth
Jun 2, 2017
hi, I noticed all the other posts got a reply and mine didn't, am I doing something wrong? I did want to add when I leave Harper in the car to run into the store he sits up in his seat and doesn;t move or bark no matter how many people go past.. So I'm guessing his behavior has something to do with me
Posted by Preethi KOP
Jun 19, 2017
Hi Sandra,

I am sorry to hear that the crate suggestion isn't a solution.

I guess if the excitement is at a level where it is at risk of causing both Harper and yourself harm, you need to consider other options such as sedatives. Please speak with your local veterinarian regarding this. While he is on the medication, you can continue training him to sit, stay and be calm and hopefully in some time you can wean him off the meds and have full success with behavioural modification.

All the best,