Dog Behavior Training

Do you have an unruly dog? Do you want to train your dog yourself? Discuss your reservations and/or concerns. OR have you had success in training your dog? Why not share with others what you found works and what doesn't.

male or female?

We are about to buy a Hungarian Vizsla pup and am unsure whether to get a dog or a bitch. I have...

by LeaOct 9, 2007

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Oct 17, 2007

Puppies Eating My Chickens

We have a 12 week old male and 16 week old female German Shepherd. And I cannot seem to get them to...

by rwcoolySep 18, 2007

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Sep 28, 2007

new cocker spaniel

I have had a 12 week old cocker spaniel for almost 2 weeks, he is doing awesome except for the...

by doreenSep 14, 2007

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Sep 24, 2007

excited to see new people.

We have had our beautiful 17 week old Bullmastiff puppy for 3 weeks now. She is responding well to...

by beauSep 20, 2007

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Sep 24, 2007

Start training at what age?

I have a 11 week old beagle puppy (named Norton).:) When is the best time to start training him?

by beaglecrazyAug 5, 2007

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Sep 6, 2007

Aggressive male Australian Sheperd

Can there be two Alphas to an protective, aggressive male Aussie? He seems be territorial...

by chakrasAug 20, 2007

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Aug 20, 2007

Basic Commands

When training a puppy, what are the basic commands I should start with and in which order should...

by Sue-ampWazaAug 5, 2007

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Aug 6, 2007